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Friendly Letter of “Requesting a Friend to be Best Man”

Requesting a Friend to be Best Man

Dear Mukesh,

Pushpa and I have fixed the wedding for next month, June 20, and I am writing to ask you to do me the honour of being “best man”. I have  no brother or male relative who would fill the roll and I would rather have you than anyone else. We are old friends, and  I‘am sure you’ll like to see me through this ordeal ! no one could do it better, or look the  past better. The ceremony will be at …. And there will be an informal reception at Pushpa’s house.

Yours ever,


Reply to above – Accepting

Dear Deepak,

In reply to your kind letter of May 20,….,  I shall be delighted to act as your best man. No one looks at the best man at a wedding. It is the bride who is on show. What shall I give you as a wedding present? I thought of a silver dinner set. Would you like that or has somebody already given you.

Kindest regards to you both,

Your ever,



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