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Formal Letter example “Request for President ship with reply” English Letter Writing

Request for President ship

Dear Seth Nand Kishore,

We are holding an annual function of the Mountaineering Club at the Savoy Hotel on August 15th to celebrate our National Independence Day.

Please state whether it will be possible for you to preside over the function.

We shall all highly appreciate your presence.

Yours sincerely,

Reply to Above

Dear Jai Dyal,

It is impossible to say “No” to a man like you and to a club like yours.

Unless something unexpected happens, like a bolt from the blue, I will attend the meeting punctually and perform whatever service is assigned to me, although I do strongly feel that, by asking me to preside, you are depraving many a better person of his due.

Thanking you for the honour,

Yours very sincerely,

Negative Reply

Dear Jai Dyal,

While I highly appreciate the honour you have done to me by asking me to preside over the Annual Function, I am compelled by necessity to decline the appointment.

Our work in the office is reaching the peak of the season and I  am obliged to spend every available moment attending to it.

Please accept my deep personal regrets.

Yours sincerely,


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