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Essay/Paragraph or Speech on “Pollution” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Essay No. 01

In recent year the problem of pollution has become very acute. If we do not tackle this problem now. Future generations will suffer from the harmful effects of pollution. This problem assumes different forms such as Air Pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution and Noise Pollution.

Trees have been cut down, on an unprecedented scale. So the main cause of  air and water pollution is unbalanced industrial growth and urbanization and deforestation. The industries dump the waste material on the surface of the earth or in rivers. So, water is polluted and the waste of the earth produces different poisonous gases which pollute the air.

On the other hand, forests have been cut down and new cities and industries have been established in their place. The cutting of trees causes “The Green House Effect” which results in the heating of the earth’s surface which has serious consequences for life on the planet.

As a result, generations to come are likely to suffer from a number of incurable diseases. Timely measures must be taken to prevent the

‘Green House Effect’. Trees and plants turn carbon-dioxide into oxygen, but when they are cut down, the air is not purified. Deforestation also causes soil erosion. The rich soil is either washed away by water or blown away by the wind. Polluted water is used for watering the plants and vegetables. In this way, vegetables and crops are polluted. Water pollution has assumed alarming proportions and urgent steps are needed to control it.

Essay No. 02


We sometimes take pride in reassuring ourselves that the Indians, are now very muscle awakened. Against this backdrop our reassurance stands shattered when we learn that often people disregard their own long-term benefit for the sake of some short-term gain or just amusement. Take for instance, people’s behaviour on the night of the sacred festival, Diwali. The Supreme Court has banned the use of firecrackers after 10 p.m. and those generating noise level exceeding 125 or 145 .decibel. Most of the district administrations also impose this ban. Still people do not care for this.

Then firecrackers cause diabolical pollution in the air. In the morning next to Diwali, often a thick blanket of haze hanging in the air is visible. The smoke mixes with smog which blurs vision. Similarly, despite the ban, farmers go on burning the paddy stubble. Many people burn wood and cow dung cakes as fuel. All this smoke is very harmful for little children and old people who cannot breathe properly. This smoke may cause bronchitis or asthma to the healthy persons also.

Another thing which lends credence to the people’s lack of awakening is the use of loudspeakers at religious places, particularly in villages, even during the period (10 pm to 6 am) disallowed by the Supreme Court. This also speaks volumes of people’s general lack of respect for the judiciary and the law.

At least fifteen countries are at .present working to make hydrogen powered, nonpolluting cars and other vehicles commercially available by 2020. As reported sometimes back by the US National Research, major challenges still lie ahead. The European Environment Agency reported sometime back that Europe was devouring the world’s natural resource at twice the global rate. According to it, climate change over the European continent is at present taking place at an unprecedented scale. It is estimated that at current rates three quarters of Switzerland’s glaciers will have melted by 2050.

With the rise in the life expectancy, the urban areas of Europe are likely to be doubled in just one century. ‘In Britain in spite of its comparative better performance than other European countries, there is an increase in the generation of waste. Just 14.5 per cent of it is recycled against a target of 25 per cent. In Asia, Singapore leads in recycling of waste including waste water, waste paper, etc.

Everybody talks about pollution control but practically very little. is being done. The Americans and the Europeans who are top-polluters deliver only sermons to developing nations. America, for instance, has not even ratified the Kyoto. The perpetrators of Bhopal gas tragedy have got very little punishment. Actually, at all -levels, individual, societal, national, or international, the polluters should not only be taxed but also penalized by being given some exemplary punishments.

National and international laws should be amended. Environmental pollution should be considered a crime against humanity. The religious and social organizations and NGOs should also be roped in and pollution should be declared a religious and social tabod also. Pollution should be regarded as a sin. Our scriptures such as the Vedas gave importance to the trees and prohibited their reckless demolishing. Certain trees and plants such as the pippal and tulsi (basil) are still worshipped by many people in. India. Even European Environment Agency (EEA) has proposed an environmental tax reform to create realistic market signals.


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