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Essay on “Problems of India Today” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, 12 Students.

Problems of India Today

Today I’d say, India is a conglomeration of problems galore; some problems are of an indigenous nature while some others are imported. Some of our problems defy all solutions, at least for the present; some can be solved but are not allowed to be done so. While still some others can be very simply solved with just a little bit of thinking. Thus, India today is a kaleidoscopic picture of problems many.

Let us first consider some of the indigenous problems, i.e. problems of our own creation. This quality of problems is found in all spheres of our existence, political, social, national, and international. On the political side, our main problem is that for the last fifty years India has a continuity of not only a bad Government but, absolute lack of governance. This problem is of an indigenous nature as rules are ours, Constitution is ours, the ruled are ours, and the rulers are ours, yet, there is a complete lack of governance. For this misfortune, the reasons are not far to seek. The rulers have lost the caliber and character through the last few decades and the decadence of the Government has taken its toll. Besides, the rulers are not only incapable but are also corrupt. All these years, the Government has only meant biting into the public exchequer. Those who are in top positions are busy making money and this has meant the money-making spree spread to the lowest level of the working class. So, this problem of our own making has resulted in complete decadence of the Government machinery and absolute halt of the Government machinery. There is not a single department of the Government that is not flourishing on double and triple incomes.

On the social front, we have created havoc for ourselves. In our craze for going the Western way, we have destroyed our biggest social asset of the past ages-the family. India has been known throughout the world for its most lovable institution — the family, in which the elders found solace and the children found a fountain of love. In our attempt to modernize we have ourselves dealt a death blow to our institution of the family. Elders are no more a part of the family; they are just discarded people to be dispensed with, at an earlier opportunity. While the children of the family, who have always been the apple of the eyes of the elders are now seen languishing in crèches, from the tender age of one year or two years. The commendable strides we have taken in the education and upliftment of women have rendered the little child bereft of love and care of a mother.

In society, we already had ills like the system of dowry, sati, treatment of women as slaves, and, with our own hands we have added another evil of the breakup of the family, in our zest to import problems which were never ours. Education of women has undoubtedly given our women more liberty, knowledge, and jobs but it has cost us very dear. In this bargain, we also created a new, never-talked-of section in our society. The section of senior citizens. Senior citizens always existed with the younger generation of any given time but never were they a problem for the society at any time. On the role and position of senior citizens. a number of debates are being held, and the problem defies all solutions. This is because the problem is alien to us. This problem is also an offshoot of imports from the Western world.

In our society, the stigma of belonging to the Scheduled Class still remains, though it is an indigenous problem, we have added to its magnitude by our zeal for providing equality for all. The equality never came but the Scheduled Class has become a pampered lot, always on the demanding side and adding to the country’s problems. This class has become such a problem that by being pampered, they have started feeling that, they can ask for anything and get away with it, and if their demands are not met, they know that they can hold the country to ransom.

On the social horizon, our population belies all solutions. Whenever this problem is taken up seriously, it causes hiccups to all and sundry. If this continues, I think by the first decade of the 21st Century we will find it impossible to cope with the multi-crore populations.

Besides this, the society in India is very sharply divided between the Haves and the ‘Have Nots’. With all the wealth of the country getting so accumulated in a few hands the rest of the populace find it difficult to even make two ends meet. Such a magnum gap is not visible between “Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’, anywhere else in the World. On the economic front, India has numerous problems the very obvious being the distribution of wealth which is too uneven for the feeling of any general progress. We are in debt, our economy is running in deficit and our trade has come down.

With these enormous though basic problems to be solved, we have several small ones to be solved. These are not very much less than the magnum problems just mentioned. Our education is shockingly lacking in quality and quantity. The education is lopsided and not at all suitable for the country. This education leads us on to another major problem, one of unemployment in the country. The unemployed youth besides being frustrated to create another Herculean problem i.e. of drug addiction, then producing robbers, and terrorists, and smugglers. All these are taken up mostly in place of a job, which they fail to secure.

Together with these problems at home, we are not too comfortably placed in our relations with our neighbors. Pakistan, an organ from India’s body only, is forever ready for about with India, with its guns forever targeting India. China and Ceylon are also not very much friendlier with us.

We find some solace in the midst of this storm of problems in our growth of Scientific and Technology fields. However, here also, our progress is held to ransom by the corrupt officials involved in the various projects. We import sophisticated machines only for the people involved in purchases to make some money. These machines lie idle and are allowed to become junk, as, we do not have the know-how or the will to get them to work. This problem I would say we have imported for, if we cannot deal with an item and use it to the optimum we should not at all import it, and then just make it into junk.

Above all these problems is India’s biggest problem, one of the complete bankruptcies of character and morals. This is a problem which is. I feel a mixture of the indigenous and the imported problems. It is of our own making to some extent, and the glitter of the West has added fuel to the fire of our ambitions. This country which was once known for its sages is now known as being one of the toppers in corruption.

Looking at the medley of problems in India’s kitty today, whether of Indian origin or of import quality, we see that India is not in a very enviable position. Most of the problems just discussed I feel are at a stage of defying all solutions. This is because the people who matter have allowed these problems to become magnum. This must have been to their benefit which is why the problems were allowed to grow. Moreover, seeing the typical Indian psyche I feel that since we are not united, no problem can be discussed threadbare and a solution sought. It is not that there are no solutions but it is that we have so many diverse interests that all solutions become impractical-Diverse views with no malleability, problems remain insoluble, and thus the future remains bleak.

We can only hope to solve these problems if we forget ourselves and intelligently work together towards the benefit of the Nation only. Only by doing so, from the labyrinth, we can seek an oasis of relief and happiness. It will also do a lot of good if, for at least for some time; we stop ogling at the west and try to sincerely improve ourselves. Then, I am sure we will be able to solve even the most insoluble problems. For this goal, we have to sacrifice ourselves to improve ourselves and only think of what is good and relevant for India’.

Except for technological progress, I do not think we at all need to look at the west, for this peculiar admixture of East and West is converting us into a heap of real nothingness. Let us all tighten our girdles and sit together to solve the basic problems that India has to face. We should not only debate upon them, and forget about them, there should be constant follow-up action and monitoring of whatever we do.


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