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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Autobiography of A Rupee Note” Complete English Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, Graduation classes.

The Autobiography of A Rupee Note

Essay No. 01

I was born a five hundred rupee note at the Currency Note Press at Nashik on March 15, 1970. I wasn’t always like you see me now: all laminated and all. Lamination has kind of immortalized me for a bit, but the thing with immortality is that it comes with a price. The price is my loss of freedom. Sure, many people come, see me at my owner’s table and enquire about me. It’s wonderful narrating my story, I love the attention, but there are days that I grudge my immortality which has been purchased at the price of life itself. Every inch of my laminated body itches to feel the caress of the breeze, get soaked in the rain, feel the warmth of the human touch.

Getting back to my autobiography. From the press, I was herded with many of my clone brothers to the Reserve Bank of India. From there some of my brothers and I were sent to The State Bank of India. I lay there for several days awaiting my fate. On April 15, 1970, a hand unceremoniously picked me up out of the box and placed me on the counter along with ninety-nine of my brothers who were in the bundle with me. I was at the top so I could see. The lady moisture her finger with her spittle and then proceeded with this same finger to count all of us brothers. It was a humiliating experience. Here I was all shiny and new and this lady had laid her dirty wet finger on me. Before I could apprehend what was happening she finished counting us and she shoved the bundle outside her counter; I now found myself in the hands of a new man. Once again my brothers and I had to succumb to the spit experience. Once he was sure all hundred of us were in the bundle he put us into a big black bag. We jostled in the bag with brothers from the fifty rupee league. Eventually, we were removed from the bag and the pin that kept us all together was removed, that hurt, and we were all given away. I along with others was given away by my owner Mr. Maniklal who was a money lender to a lady who had come to borrow money from him. The lady Minabhai touched me to her forehead and then went to the market. There she traded me with a vendor for two samosas. This was the second assault on my senses. The shopkeeper’s oily hands left an imprint on me forever. My right side was now stained forever. There was no time to mourn my violation for the shopkeeper picked me up and offered me as a change to my next owner Mr. Ansari. Mr. Ansari seemed worried that I was stained and laid me inside his novel. Soon the oil’ from my back was transferred to the pages of the book. I felt a little better. When he reached home Mr. Ansari took a pen and wrote across my chest, “To Varun with love, may you be always rewarded for your work”, put me in an envelope, and gifted me to his son my current owner Varun in exchange for having done some errands for him. I was Varun’s first earning. He was so happy he hugged me to his chest and promised never to part with me. Varun my master has gone on accumulating many of my brothers but has never parted with me. He has laminated me and placed me here on his table and shows me off with pride. I remind him of a lot of things, his bond with his father, his first earnings, and the beginning of his independence. Varun’s kids sometimes come into the study and look at me with awe. I have earned a place of pride in this family which I now consider my own. It makes losing my freedom seem, somewhat worthwhile.


Autobiography of A Rupee

Essay No. 02

It was a beautiful one rupee note, crunchy crispy to the touch, attractive I for the eyes, with a lovely touch of blue color on both my sides. The print on both sides of me was so neat and clear that, I wished it could be possible for me to kiss myself. This was not very long back but alas! If you see my condition today, you would not like to touch me. I can myself almost scent the dirty smell that emanates from me. Oh! What has happened to my lovely sleek appearance I do wonder? The reason for this is not far to seek. When you read my life history, you will understand why this deterioration in my once beautiful appearance came in. It is not only my appearance that has been destroyed even my status has been tuned to a non-entity.

I remember that wonderful day of 1st April 1996 when I came out of the Government Security Press and was taken to a bank. I had so many companions all of us looking smart and handsome. I was closely stapled with 99 of my companions into a bundle of 100 one rupee notes. Oh! What a fine time we had together and how we all moved together as one group.

I remember how we all entered a bank, and were kept in an iron safe with scores of other bundles like us, we were not alone, with us were scores of our elder brothers also stapled together in big numbers of 100s, 500s, and 1000s. Our elder brothers were notes of Rs. 2, Rs. 5, Rs. 10, Rs. 50 and Rs. 100. In the bank, we were all dumped in a huge safe though kept separately in groups according to our denomination. We were all destined to stay in this dark dingy room till we were to be taken out by the cashier of the bank and given to people who came to take money from the bank. This place was the first one where we were destined to live till our time came to come out and breathe the fresh air of the outside environment.

I wondered how long I would stay here but, my stay was not too long. It was the 22nd of April when the cashier handed over the bundle of Re. 1 notes to some man. In this bundle with my 99 companions, I was taken by a gentleman to his shop. Now we were all happy that we would be allowed to stay free in the open but alas! Here also, when the man entered his shop, he opened his not so big cash box and dumped us inside. Here also we had the same fate, my 99 brothers and a few of our big brothers were all dumped together in this cash box. Her life would be the same slow and drab that each one of us remained to wait to get out in the open. This cash box was, however a little better as it had one hole at the top. From this hole, air came inside and we all felt fresh as we could breathe some air coming in from the hole in the cash box. This place again was a ‘wait and watch’ situation.

Life passed on quietly though it was rather boring, all of us lying as if without life one on top of the other day after day. We had been lying in wait for our fate ahead and every day the cashier would remove some of our friends, add new ones but I and my 99 companions kept lying there wondering when we will be released from this drudgery of life. One fine day, at last, when the cashier came and moved about packets of notes from here to there, I felt our time had also come and surely we would be soon relieved to find a new master and a new abode.

As I had expected just then, the cashier took out the bundle in which I was packed and took out my 32 companions on top, and low and behold I was again left there to bide for time. I wished my friends goodbye and wished them the best of time. Now I was wondering when I would be relieved when soon enough just then, lady luck smiled at me and I with my other 66 companions was held out to a lady. I was so excited that now, I would be in possession of this pretty girl, whose purse, was very warm and snug. When I was kept in it, I got a feeling of a dual pillow mattress; the sides of her purse were quite soft and cushiony. I really now hoped I could stay here comfortably for a long time. However, luck is never on the side of us poor little currency notes. Since I was on the very top of the pack of 67 notes, when she wanted to buy some monkey nuts she quickly took me out of the neat packet and gave me a way to a nut vendor. I felt that my luck was really out for, from her comfortable purse I was almost immediately stuffed into a dirty pouch tucked into the vendor’s vest. He folded me into four-folds and tucked me in his vest with other notes and a few coins. This was really tragic as my luck had brought me from such neat vistas into an untidy dirty smelling vendor. I felt almost exhausted and out of breath huddled into a small pouch and waited for my next master.

After having had such a comfortable life in a clean and neat environment I was absolutely out of luck and prayed to God that I get out of this little congested pouch. However, only if wishes could be heard. Believe me friends; I had to stay in that dirty pouch for about a month. The vendor as we know was a poor man where did he have the purchasing power to give me out and buy something in return? As time passed, I think summers came and the master started sweating and dirty smelling which made life a real hell for me. I was almost suffocated in his pouch for I don’t know how long. The way he had folded me, I knew that my good days had passed and beautiful looks destroyed forever. One day a lovely evening it was when the vendor went to a park. There, he sat to sell his eatables and a sweet little girl came to him and asked him for 200 gms of monkey nuts. Now he pulled me out of his pouch and handed me with a few coins to that girl as balanced exchange. This, I had felt would be a nice change but this proved to be the unhappiest moment of my life. The girl refused to take me from the vendor saying that I was too dirty for her to keep. I felt so insulted and plunged into sorrow now as he kept me back in his pouch and gave her another friend of mine who looked cleaner. Besides this, today I also realized how weak I was. The day I started my life two years back I was alone, enough to buy my friends 200 gms of peanuts while today for 200 gms of peanuts, with me many of my friends had to be given. This meant that I alone was of a negligible value. I felt so unhappy that, for one, I could not get relief from the dirty smelling pouch and when I realized my worth, I was still further depressed

In this pouch, I stayed for a very long time and had given up to my fate which was bad and out. One day a young man who looked smart and handsome came to my master and asked him for 1 Kg of peanuts. This was the last straw on the camel’s back; the customer gave the full amount with Re. 1/ to be returned. Now lady luck smiled at me once again and my master handed me over to this young man. I was glad to have got a change of master but this was not for long. My master could not bear to keep me, as I was too dirty and had even developed cracks or wrinkles on my body. He took me with a few more of my elder brothers and colleagues and handed me over to a man who keeps such old and worn-out notes of all denominations. This was the last of my journey and here with this man, I still lie biding time. What will really be done to me and my friends I do not know but what I hear is that we will all be returned to the Reserve Bank of India and will be replaced by newer and younger brethren.

My long journey of life is now about to finish I wonder when. So many people I have met and lived with that, I really do not know which master was best and where I enjoyed most. My humble request to all masters who spend money is, to keep us neatly in their purses and not destroy us. We feel neglected when we become worn out and dirty. As it is me and my brethren have no value in these days and you spoil even our appearance. This hurts us.


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