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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Peace Hath her Victories, no less renowned than war” Long, Short Essay for School, College Students, essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 12

Peace Hath her Victories, no less renowned than war

We generally associate the word “victory” with war and battle. We think of Trafalgar and Waterloo, and many a “famous victory”. We speak of “glorious” victories; but even the most glorious victory in a righteous cause must mean death and destruction, and misery to countless thousands. But the victories of peace, “no less renowned”, have brought men comfort and happiness, health and wealth, knowledge and wisdom, freedom, and justice. For the victories of peace have been won over the forces of nature, disease and pain, poverty and ignorance, and great social wrongs.

Mankind has waged an unceasing war with the forces of nature—fire and water, heat and cold, ocean and desert, drought and flood. And what victories they have won? They have mastered the sea, tamed the lightning, conquered the air, drained the floods, and made the desert blossom as the rose

Take only one or two examples. Faraday’s discovery of how to generate electricity led to the electric telegraph and the telephone, and, in our own day, wireless and broadcasting inventions that have shortened time and space for us. The discovery of the expansive power of steam brought us the steam-engine, the steam-ship and steam-driven machinery inventions which changed the social and economic life of the world. These two great natural forces, electricity and steam, were conquered and made the servants of mankind.

Then think of the war scientists and doctors have waged against pain and disease, and the victories they have won. By his discovery of vaccination, Jenner stamped out in England the dreadful plague of small-pox. By his discovery of chloroform, Simpson made it possible to perform difficult and serious operations without pain to the patient. Lister, by his discovery of aseptic surgery, saved thousands of lives by making operations safe from bacterial poisoning.

What renowned victories, too, have philanthropists and reformers won over great social evils! Think of Howard, whose labours led to the reform of a barbarous prison system. Think of the work of men like Lord Shaftesbury for the relief and safety of the poor. Then think of the victory of the anti-slavery movement. Wilberforce and a few friends roused up public opinion on the subject; and their first victory was the abolition of the slave-trade in 1807. Their final victory was won in 1833, when slavery itself was abolished in all British dominions. This was followed by Abraham Lincoln’s victory in the abolition of slavery in America in 1863.

Such are a few of the victories of peace — victories far more worth winning than the most famous military triumphs.


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