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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss” Long, Short Essay for School, College Students, essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Competitive Exams

A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss

5 Best Essay on ” A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss”

Essay  No. 01

Why a stone should want to gather moss, is hard to say. But the proverb is an old one, and everyone knows what it means. The “rolling stone” is the man who is always changing his occupations and pursuits, and never settles down steady to anything. Popular wisdom says that such a fickle and unreliable person makes but little out of life. There is, no doubt, a great deal of truth in this. In these days of keen business competition and specialization, a man must choose a trade or profession and stick to it if he is to achieve any success. Steady application and hard work at one job are essential. A man who starts one kind of business, and getting tired of it, try another, and then gives that up for a third, cannot hope to get on in any. Constantly chopping and changing, he cannot expect to produce any satisfactory results by his dissipated efforts. As the proverb says, “He who hunts two hares, loses both”.

The typical “rolling stone” is the man who never keeps any situation in his trade or profession long. When you get an application from him and find that he has had many posts but for only short periods, you say: “Ah! this fellow is evidently a ‘rolling stone’; he will never stick to this job, even if I give it to him. He is no good.” Such men seem to have restless nature and are incapable of setting down anywhere.

The same is true of studies. A student who wishes to become a scholar must specialize in one subject, and he must devote all his time and energy to it if he is ever to become an authority on it. The student who takes up mathematics, and then goes in for history, and tired of that, takes up philosophy, and drops this again for economics, will be “Jack of all trades and master of none”.

Still, there is something to be said for “rolling stones.” Adventurers, explorers, travelers, and discoverers are generally men of restless energy who could never settle down to any steady occupations. Yet the world owes much to such rolling stones; for even though they gather no “moss” for themselves, they certainly gather much for the world, in the shape of new knowledge. But these are men apart. For ordinary people, the proverb is, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Essay  No. 02

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

This proverb teaches us the lesson of steadfastness. We should stick to our ideas and principles and not change their time and again. It does not pay us to be wavering and fickle-minded. No moss can gather on a stone that keeps on moving from one place to another. If a person changes his place and position after short intervals, he does not make much of life. A person should have a fixed aim before him. He should work sincerely to achieve it. Waywardness does not pay in life. Change in the profession means a waste of time and energy. Before taking up a project one should thoroughly examine all its aspects thoroughly. Once it has been taken up, one should pursue it with heart and soul. There should be no going back then. Single-minded determination alone ensures man’s place and position in life.

Essay  No. 03

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

A stone that rolls from place to place gathers no moss. But a stone that remains permanent at a place gets covered with moss. It means that a person who keeps himself active succeeds in life. For basically, who are indecisive about their life will face failure in life because of their inability to act when the opportunity has presented itself. So these people get nothing but disappointment when they reflect back. But for those who have promptly acted when the opportunity came to have everything at their feet. Obviously, success is the reward of endeavors and not only wishful thinking.

Essay  No. 04

A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss

The key to success is to have a definite ambition in life. Success in any field needs hard work and practice. People who are indecisive cannot achieve much in life. A person who does not stick to one profession always has to start from the lowest rung of the ladder. To achieve proficiency in a particular field, long patience is necessary. One should have a correct measure of one’s capacity. It is better to achieve distinction in one sphere than remain mediocre in several activates. Man always learns by experience. Practice makes a man perfect. The man also desires change and variety. But such a life becomes unstable. One should strive to achieve one’s ambition in life.

The key to success is to have a definite aim in life. Success in any field requires practice. People who are indecisive cannot gain anything. They often change their field of study or occupation. They acquire little knowledge of various fields. As a result, they are unable to achieve proficiency in even one particular field.

A person may be very intelligent. But he cannot master art easily. To achieve proficiency, long patience is necessary. A soldier is not made in a day. Years of training and experience in fighting turn one into a real soldier. One cannot become a veteran by attending a few military parades.

Specialization has an important place in life. One is unable to do well many things together. It is better to achieve distinction in one sphere than remain mediocre in several activities. Man’s capacity is limited. He cannot be a master of all the subjects or all the trades. One should have the right measure of one’s capacity.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. To be successful, man needs experience, specialization, influence, etc. Each quality is the moss gathered by him by dedicating himself to one aim.

We can see another side of the picture too. Man cannot limit his personality. A person can have various interests and hobbies. It is a way to avoid monotony and to overcome boredom. Man desires change and variety. If he can do more than one thing well, it will surely add zest to his life.

An ambitious person who gets a better opportunity quits the present job and joins the other one. By doing so, he may reach a higher position in a short time. A man who has a keen interest in many things can discuss different topics. A person can have various interests and yet achieve success.

Essay  No. 05

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

 Life is impossible unless we overcome the numerous problems we face. Those who are usefully active all their lives can succeed in overcoming these problems and ensure. besides their personal happiness, the welfare of society as well. As there are no commonly applicable methods of achieving happiness and satisfaction in life, we have to try out different ways to realize them. In such trials, we may make mistakes or face setbacks, but we should not let them demoralize us. It should be remembered that a failure in one path would make us choose another which might lead to success. We should make use of our mistakes by learning how not to repeat them, and of our setbacks, by making ourselves more determined to succeed in life. If, however, we let our mistakes worry us unduly, and our setbacks, create in us the fear of failure, we shall lose the urge to progress in life and shall let our personality decay. (160 words)

Note:- The above interpretation of the proverb varies from the conventional one. In it, the idea the word ‘moss’ conveys is negative; whereas in the conventional one, the idea is positive. “Moss’ in the latter context stands for things worthy and desirable.


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