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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Computer-The Craze and The Need of The Age” Complete Paragraph, Speech for Classes 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Computer-The Craze and The Need of The Age

“Computer is one of the most useful invention of modern science. It is a machine that keeps in words to beat man in numerous fields and is undoubtedly, the latest and cardinal machine of science and technology. The computer fever has caught everybody, from a child of three of an old man of seventy. Everyone is talking about computers, networking, internet, modems, computer virus, etc. It indicates how important computer has become in life today.”

The word computer owes its origin to the English word ‘compute’ – a verb which means counting speedily. So ordinarily computer means a machine that counts with wondrous speed. But the area of modern computer is no longer confined to counting only. A computer is basically an electronic calculating machine. It functions complex and enormous calculations with tremendous speed, precision and diligence. It accepts data, performs operations according to instruction and provides the result of the operations. In addition to its speed in performing mind- boggling calculations, the computer has an ability to reproduce, rearrange and reconstruct information that can prove an invaluable asset in science, medicine, technology or any other branch of knowledge.

Computer has brought about an amazing revolution in the life around in the present day world.. It has been dominating the world technological scenario since 1970s. The wonderful machine has not only won over the hearts of billions but also, it has entered all walks of life. The latest trends in computerization include Internet, Pentium based systems and Artificial Intelligence. The computer could not be defeated by man in a game of chess. And the irony is that the Computer is a product of human brain itself. Computers are the electronic devices which make us efficient. They help us do more creative work by doing the repetitive task themselves. They help us to create design, programme, communicated and above all, help us to learn. In India, millions of homes are thriving because their members are dedicated to this fascination profession.

We cannot imagine any area where computerization has not been done-business banking, electronic publishing, engineering design, international communication through E-mail, creative designer, fashion designing, etc-the list is endless. Japan, the U.S.A, the U.K, Germany and France have used computer extensively for automobiles, factories, business transaction, health management, education and communication. These are the economic and military superpowers of the world. If India wants to emulate them on economic, technological and defence fronts, complete computerization and linking of India economy and industry with international information super highway is a must. This is possible only with the help of computers and internet networks. Computers save our time. They make us more efficient and complete the repetitive tasks in a small time interval. Computer programmer from India are the best known programmers in the world. Computer programming has vital applications in Internet website design, telecommunications, engineering design and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). If routine jobs are handled by computers, executives and operatives are able to concentrate on more productive and result-oriented tasks. Creativity and thinking are beyond the limits of computers although major breakthrough has been achieved in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Computerization is essential in Indian context as telecommunication and satellite imagery are computer based. The life in urban cities cannot be imagined without telephone. E-mail, fax, internet connectivity and cellular phones. Most of these services warrant the usage of computer for operation and maintenance. Therefore, computerization is essential in urban areas.

In rural areas as well, computerization can play a vital role in crop development, seed research, crop disease management, rural employment, software development for rural sector industries and rural education. Rural telecommunication scenario has been revolutionized by computers. Now, we can make on ISD and STD call from all remote corners of India, thanks to telecommunication revolution which is essentially coupled with computer operations.

Education is a vital sector in which computer could play a vital role. The state government and the central government have put special emphasis on computerized education and internet. Internet operations would be opened for the private Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Further, all accounting, commercial; technical and classified information is stored and managed by computer. Hence, computers are indispensable tools in the modern era.

In sum, we can state that India must computerized her economy, business, scientific, weather, educational and other operations for glorious passage into the new millennium. The world is a global village now and India can hook onto the world through computerization only. This technology would benefit her on economic, technological and social fronts. The new millennium would truly belong to computer.


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