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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Youth and National Integration” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Youth and National Integration

The strength of a nation lies not in its loud claims and mouth-watering ‘Directive Principles of State Policy’, but in the spirit of service and that of complete dedication of one’s self both, body and soul to the cause of unity and integrity of the nation. The nation which we belong to is geographically and economically an independent entity. It has an inherent cultural unity in the midst of a visible diversity. Nature itself has made it a single, federal self-contained nation. It is a bundle of contradictions, but in spite of all those contradictions, various States and regions are bound together into an indivisible whole by its natural, physical features. Its people have never been lacking in the qualities of bravery, heroism, courage and self-sacrifice. It is these qualities that are most needed today and have to be inculcated and encouraged in every conceivable way.

It has been our unfortunate experience in the recent times, to see an alarming growth of fissiparous tendencies in our country. Sometimes it has been the language, sometimes region, and sometimes political rights that have spurred the different groups of people to agitate for a distinct existence. Unfortunately, these very petty considerations have, on most occasions, stood in the way of the men and women in power, to give a fair deal to all the sections of the society and thus enable nationalist feelings, based on equal and honourable partnership in the affairs of the nation, to percolate in the masses. True, that the men and women in power have no personal commitment to any Indian language, religion or culture and therefore, have no difficulty in being impartial to all. But the over-riding consideration, of power at any cost and by whatever methods, have always influenced their attitude to different sections of society in different regions and at different times. More than anything else, this single factor accounts for the spread of communalism and separatist tendencies among different people.

What we need today—and need very badly—is an evolutionary type of dynamic national integration. Here, the youth of the country have to play a positive role for the cause of national integration. It is a challenge for the younger generation of today. Let the youth pick up the gauntlet to accomplish this task. The youth are the back-bone of a nation and the most powerful force within a nation. They are the hope of the future and can shape the destiny of a country. History shows that countries, subjected to alien rule, have without exception sought the help of youth in times of crisis. The youth have always been instrumental in the change of government, whenever need for such a change has been felt. It has always been in the fore-front in the building of a political, social and economic order of a society.

Young men and women are the reservoirs of unbounded energy and enthusiasm. Today a new challenge is facing the country. Let the youth accept that challenge. Let the youth be put to best use. For this, their energies, skills and talents have to be properly harnessed, channelised and put to right use for the common good of the country. To channelise young energy into constructive channels, India has already started National Cadet Corps, National Service Scheme, National Service Volunteer Scheme and other similar organisations.

The youth of India can and ought to play a leading role in bringing together the people of different States and religions with a view to integrating them emotionally, culturally and geographically, thus doing their best to extricate the society from the clutches of casteism, communalism, parochialism and regionalism. The youth of this country should be enabled to see India and its heritage in a right perspective. National integration can be brought about and national consciousness can be aroused and strengthened if the youth tour the different parts of India and acquaint themselves with our rich and varied cultural heritage. In this way the youth of different parts of India can come together, understand one another and find that there is something in the rich cultural heritage of India, that binds them together. They should be motivated with the feeling of belonging to Mother India who does not discriminate between her sons living in different parts of her territory, professing to different faiths or speaking different languages. Every Indian should feel sincerely and with intense passion that he or she is an Indian first and an Indian last. Only in this lies salvation—that way out of the present critical situation.


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