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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “World Peace” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

World Peace

        Peace is liked by all. It is for peace that we pray to God every morning and evening. Peace hath her victories no less glorious than war. It is in peace time that we have great men, high thoughts and golden deeds. Peace encourages education, trade, commerce and industry. Greater than personal peace is the peace of the nation and still greater is the world peace. This is possible when there is no war in any corner of the world.

        Unfortunately the world peace was badly disturbed twice. The beast in man was uppermost then. The World War I was fought, as they said, to end war. Its results were horrible. One third of the world population was killed. At its close the League of Nations was set up at Geneva. Its aim was to check war in future. But it had no power. The World War II came in 1939 and lasted up to 1945. Hitler and Mussolini threw every code of human morality to wind. But they were defeated in the end.

        The U.N.O. was set up at California. It was aimed with and international army. The big four powers were given veto power. Since its birth it has been trying its best to check war and to safe-guard the fundamental rights of man. It has declared its objectives. But unfortunately, the Big four make use of it as a platform to further national ends. Cold war is going on. They are fighting ldeoligical war. Inspite of several top meetings for disarmament, there is still a race for nuclear weapons. Tests and explosions have not been checked. The world is now all the mouth of a volcano.

        No one wants war, for if war comes this time, it will mean the end of mankind. There will be no victor to enjoy the fruits of victory. Men like Bertrand Russel have advocated One World Govt. But selfish politicians are not ready to sink their personal and national interests. Some think that war is a biological need. Man is a fighter first. So we have no hope from man. It is why Mahatma Gandhi said that woman alone can give peace. She is the incarnation of Ahimsa, having infinite love and an infinite capacity for service and sacrifice. She can give the nectar of love to the children. She can produce children like Gandhi, the Christ and the Buddha.

        We need no Napoleon, no Alexander, none of the type. We want prophets of peace. Let our mother and sister come forward and save the world from total destruction Without them there would be no world peace. A time will come when we shall find our existence in danger.


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