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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Television” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Television

Essay No. 01

Television or the ‘idiot box’ is one of the latest blessings of science. It is today no more a luxury but a necessity. It is an improvement on the radio. It combines both sight and sound. While sitting in our drawing room, we can enjoy film songs and music, listen to speeches, see exciting matches and enjoy national and international programmers. Television is an entertainer, educator and a third parent. It is an important means of information on different subjects. It takes us into a world of knowledge, beauty, glamour and charm. It broadens our outlook. While enjoying television, we forget the worries of life for some time. Its programmes include children’s films feature films, news, reviews, debates, interviews, discussions by experts, short one-act plays etc. it appeals to men of different tastes and temperaments. Housewives gain a lot from it. The T.V. is a source of advertisement and propaganda. We can promote communal harmony, national integration through it and fight for social and economic justice. On important festival days and other historical and national days, informative and interesting programmers are organized for out benefit. The T.V. is doing a great service in the field of education and research. During the election days in plays an important role. With the introduction of satellite transmission, television has reached almost every part of India. The government should take steps to see that the programmers are entertaining, educative and informative.


Essay No. 02




The Idiot Box


The Small I Silver Screen

Television is one of the greatest inventions of the modern age. Its brief name is TV. It is also sometimes called the Idiot Box and the Small or

Silver Screen. The word ‘small’ naturally brings into mind the cinema in comparison to which it has a small screen and hence presents images on a small scale whereas the cinema screen offers them life size.

Before the advent of television, radio ruled the roost in the houses of the common people. Now, we have TV sets in most of the houses of people in our country. The installation of satellites of varying degrees and purposes in space by some countries and now our own country, has given a fillip to TV as to products in other fields such as Information Technology, Telecommunication, etc.

At first, black and white T.V was introduced in our country. Colour TV came only later. Surprisingly, colo1-7 TV was introduced in Bangladesh earlier than in India.

The advantages of TV are many and varied. Now, there are several TV channels. We also have several private TV companies besides Doordarshan, now under Prasar Bharti, such as Zee TV, Star TV, Jain TV, Sony TV, etc. There is the Cable System and Direct to Home (DTH) has also now been started.

We see over TV films, matches, discoveries, advertisement, happenings, speeches, etc. Most of these we see live. There are so many TV serials which are instructive and humorous and some of them are especially meant for a section of society such as children, women, sportsperson, farmers, students, youth etc. Some serials are quite interesting while others are just boring.

We should not sit too close to the TV set. Some children who sit too close to it get their eyesight weakened. We should also not become addicts to TV. TV should not be watched at the cost of studies.


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