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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Human Body – A Boon” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Human Body – A Boon

The human body is such a “perfect machine”; it could not have naturally evolved. A particular creature having such an unusual, perfectly-designed body with a unique system of skills and traits makes one believe that there’s no way this could have just happened. The human body is the most wonderful and perfect machine in the world. With care, it should last many years. With abuse or neglect, it may soon wear out.

The human body has more than 10 to the power of 27 molecules with about one hundred thousand different shapes and functions. Interactions between molecules determine the structure and keep humans alive. The key to understanding all biological processes is recognition. The interactions between molecules let humans move, sense, reproduce and accomplish the processes that keep them alive.

The human body is so magnificently complex, that one wonders how it could be the random result of the evolutionary process, and not the single convoluted plan of intelligence higher than human being. A study of all the different systems that make up the human body and all the complicated ways these systems communicate in order to keep that body functioning is enough to make anyone realize the omniscient power of a theoretical higher being.

A theoretically perfect model it is, on which all pathetic man made imitations are based. It’s a machine that repairs itself, that learns from its mistakes, is aware of its own existence, that happens to contain its own energy generator, works off simple organic fuel elements like water, vegetable matter, grain and sugar; and even packages its own leftover waste into tidy little disposable packages. The eyes can conveniently be rated as the most sophisticated cameras ever invented and skin the ultimate cooling system. It is amazing as to how enmeshed all the parts are, and how easily all the different systems can communicate with each other.

The human body has many characteristics that resemble an electronic computer. The body accepts information input in a variety of ways. Some of these are water, nutrition, environment, sensory perception, and emotional adaptation, interaction with other animal and plant life, and a variety of other inputs that can be processed within the body. The body processes these inputs and delivers the information to achieve the necessary functions within the body.

At the very core of the processing is the program based on which it operates. This program is the genetic information that permeates the human existence. Out of this information base, all functions of life occur programmed by the genetic matter and are relayed to the biological computer program for processing and action.

The liver protects the body by breaking down the toxic substances, and works as the metabolic factory. Without proper liver function, other vital organs, mainly the heart, would begin to fail. Kidneys maintain the acid and base balance, filter out the wastes; justifiably referred to as the chemistry lab and its functional artfulness is believed in the medical field so complex as yet to be fully explained by science. The heart supplies every part of the body with its needed energy fuel and is the pumping station of the body. The brain is the central computer, controls human emotions, directs and coordinates movements and reflexes, registers sensations and is the supreme nervous organ. These and other organs such as reproduction, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, sensory, skeletal are all inter-dependent and function in tune with each other.

This is “The Miraculous Human Body”. Was it created by chance? Perhaps…


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