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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Sports is an Indispensable Part of Education” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Sports is an Indispensable Part of Education


True education should aim at developing an all-round personality of the student. Education should, therefore, result in the intellectual, moral and physical development of children.

Education and sports are correlated. While education awakens the mind and kindles the light of knowledge, sports help to shape the physique. What reading is to the mind, exercise is to the body. Participation in sports refreshes the tense muscles and nerves which, in turn, invigorates and strengthens the mind. Sports help, according to Aristotle, in creating a sound mind in a sound body. Not only outdoor sports and games, even indoor pursuits like chess and card games require one’s full attention and concentration; they are food for the mind in the same way as our course contents.

 Unfortunately, the existing system of education is confined to the four walls of the classroom; it violates all known principles of good and scientific education. It .runs counter to the laws of pedagogy, psychology and public hygiene, turning the students into mere bookworms; they rarely pay any attention to their physique. Consequently, they have frail and fragile profiles. Just as a well-balanced diet contains all the nourishing constituents in desirable quantities, a well-balanced personality requires all the desirable traits in the right proportions. Sports are essential for developing a healthy and constructive attitude towards life. As a matter of fact, sports and education lend a rhythm to our life and participation in sport is a co-curricular and not an extra-curricular activity.

A student, entering a play field after a day’s hard intellectual labour, feels free from all fetters; he or she is raring from the word `go’. Sports loosen his or her limbs and relax the entire body system so that he or she is well-prepared to study well and with concentration afterwards.

Parents and teachers should not, therefore, put any restrictions on their wards when the latter show a keen interest in sports. The need is only to balance sports with education curriculum for the overall development of their personality. This would result in healthy, vigorous, cheerful and optimistic individuals ready to face all odds in life and perform excellently in all spheres. It is also the duty of the Government to provide better and more varied sports facilities in our educational institutions so that “all work and no Play” does not turn out dull Jacks at the end of their educational career and the citizens of tomorrow are imbued with team-spirit, patience, discipline, obedience, punctuality, fair play and cooperation. Sports also leave us no time to waste in useless pursuits or for contracting such habits as smoking, drinking, drugs, eve-teasing, violent demonstrations, etc. They channelize our dormant energies in the right direction. Sports should, therefore, form an indispensable part of education at all levels in the country and the Government, the parents and the teachers should consider it their prime duty to provide a balanced perspective to youngsters in their formative year This would result in turning out all-round personalities that any nation could be proud of.


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