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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Should India Have A Non-Politician President?” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Should India Have A Non-Politician President?

The ongoing debate on the election to the office of the President of India 1 and the majority of the public is unaware of the importance of the office of the President of India. The President is not merely a Chancellor sitting at convocations, but an important constitutional functionary. The President requires to act independently and his actions require constitutional knowledge as well political wisdom. The Celebrity Presidents may not have the wisdom and understanding of our political system and that of the mood of the people. By nominating celebrities, we are bringing down the dignity and importance of the position.

The President should be a person with a political background so as to understand and exercise due diligence in performing his duties. The reasons behind this logic are; first he is head of state of multi-dimensional politics and first citizen of India and the Supreme Commander of the Indian armed forces, with real executive authority vested in the Council of Ministers, headed by the Prime Minister and is a authority mainly in forming new governments, as well as dissolving them in instances of crisis. He is supposed to be neutral with regard to constituency, and must have solid background of internal politics. The powers of the President of India are comparable to those of the monarch, king or queen of UK. The President also receives the credentials of Ambassadors and High Commissioners from other countries. Therefore he is required to play external affairs politics too for the sake of international peace and harmony.

An example can be cited of one of the greatest politicians and successful Presidents of Singapore. His name was Ong Teng Cheong who was an architect, planner, politician. The key changes were to grant the President veto power over the use of the country’s reserves as well as over key government positions, but by Ong’s own account, his job was not an easy One with the bureaucracy, but due to his solid background as politician and high technical knowledge, he faced all encounters and came out a most successful President of the world in times of crisis. He uplifted the country to a very high level. Similarly we need a President of high caliber and Capacity with multi-dimensional politics to deal with Indian and International affairs.

Since Independence, we had so many Presidents, and most of them carried dignity with that post. Dr. Rajendraprasad, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Dr. Zakir Hussain, R.Venkataraman, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, K. Narayanan and the present incumbent Dr. Abdul Kalam. It is better the post is occupied by non-politicians who are knowledgeable, carry dignity, have contributed to the society, balanced, impartial and are popular but definitely not a politician. A politician will always be from a political party and he can seldom forget his earlier political affiliation. Of course, a non-politician President under political crisis can always be advised by the Cabinet, other political parties as well can rely on past precedents.

The above mentioned Indian Presidents have carried out their duties admirably though most of them were either non-politicians or even if they belonged to some political party, always maintained their dignity. Few names like Dr. Narayana Moorthyof INFOSYS (forget about the National Anthem controversy, Mr. Moorthy is far too patriotic and has immensely contributed to nation building to be criticized by unscrupulous politicians whose contribution to Society and nation building is hardly worth mentioning), Dr. Karan Singh (though from Congress, still has the stature to occupy the highest Office), Dr. Amartya Sen and Dr. M.S.Swaminathan, readily come to mind. Let us not go by their caste, religion, etc.

Current Scenario

With PratibhaPatil’s victory India had its first woman President. But this noticeable gender march would have been achieved after a fight in which each of the three main political groupings were seen to be more keen to play politics than be serious about electing a person for the country’s highest constitutional post.

The CPI (M) has already angrily rejected a popular clamour for a non-politician as the President. For the BJP any candidate who looks less than friendly to it is a political lightweight. Sitting in the Opposition for the last three years, the BJP has shown distaste for debating issues in Parliament. Instead, it has set a new trend of rushing to the RashtrapatiBhavan with all manner of grievances to the President. This looks like a dangerous attempt to politicize the office of the President of India.

The constitution and convention have made it clear that the President of India will not be a political creature that can become a centre for friction with the government. At least once in the past India did have a President who acted like a politician, raising political temperatures in the country, particularly in a border state. It has been assumed that a ‘non-political’ President cannot resonate with the conscience of the country while, say, returning a controversial bill.

The outgoing President was never in politics but he did apply his mind on occasions to controversial matters that were brought before him. It goes to his credit that he did not make it look like he was challenging the government. The country needs a President who acts with dignity and exercises his/her powers impartially—and certainly desists from putting his or her foot in the mouth. Those with an active and high profile political background do not necessarily fit the bill.

Our Constitution does not impose any disqualification upon an Indian citizen for holding this higher constitutional office. He can be a politician, a scientist a literary figure or from any walk of life or discipline. In fact at one time or the other this highest office was decorated by individuals from one or the other of these disciplines. Take for instance our present President (or the outgoing President) is a celebrated scientist. Then we have had personalities like DrRajendra Prasad, Dr. S Radhakrishnan, Fakrud-din Ali Ahmed and the like. The present incumbent Dr APJ Kalam, as a well known fact, is a renowned scientist. However, it is now becoming increasingly obvious that the chances of DrKalam being elected as the next President of India are thin. But I still maintain that people like DrKalam who enhance country’s prestige and inspire young citizens of India are ideal for occupying the RashtrapatiBhavan. Preference should be not because of him being a politician or a non-politician. It’s because he represents the collective genius and the vision of the country. Those asking for a non-political President have their own apprehensions. They fear, a political President will be no more than a puppet in the hands of the ruling party. This, they say, will adversely affect presidential neutrality. But those supporting the move of electing a political President are equally right when they argue that a non-political President may not be able to understand the intricacies of coalition politics. I feel that instead of further complicating the argument and clamouring for a political or a non-political President, we must lay emphasis on a sincere, educated President who commands respect and who is capable of winning our faith. The truth is that we are yearning for a President that everyone likes, trusts and looks up to; a President who is free from prejudices; a President who unites everyone and divides no one; a President who transcends caste, creed, religion or region; a President who holds a clean image and truly desires the betterment of the country. Anyone who imbibes all these qualities in him truly deserves being the constitutional head of the country irrespective of whether he has a political background or not.

Does India need a political President this time? It is not the matter that the President should be political or apolitical. The post of the President has highest dignity in each country. Although there is much difference in functions from country to country.

In America, the President has all executive powers but in countries like UK or India, the Crown or the President does not have executive powers. In such countries the Prime Minister and his cabinet works in the name of President. As far as the question of Indian President, Dr Abdul Kalam is a successful scientist president who has given a new vision to India. Besides doing his job with highest transparency DrKalam also maintained good relationship with legislature, executive & judiciary. Although the Indian President has been called a rubber stamp and works only according to wish of executive but it does not mean that he has no powers.

India needs President with will power and a transparent character like Dr. Abdul Kalam, who can morally inspire leaders and serve as example for our corrupt public representatives like BabubhaiKatara. When a common man, having will power can change society then why the President is remaining only a rubber stamp? Now. India needs a transparent President with will power for strengthening our democracy and curbing corrupt politicians. It is not important whether he belongs to any political party or not.

Definitely we must have apolitical president like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Professor Kalam is non-controversial and apolitical. He has also been honoured with Bharat Ratna. He has contributed a lot to science and technology. We must have an intellectual and learned president like him. India needs a man of his ability, vision and character to be the President. It would be appreciated if all political parties endorse candidature of an apolitical president.

A political president will always be mired in controversy. All his actions will be viewed with suspicion as it will always he suspected that he is partisan towards the party he is associated with. A common man wants to see his President to be an honest person, apolitical and above all a true Indian. But not our political parties. The Congress will have to be blamed for such a situation where every decision is taken from the communal versus secular angle.


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