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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Relevance of the Policy of Non-Alignment in the Changed World Situation” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Relevance of the Policy of Non-Alignment in the Changed World Situation

Non-Alignment was a post-World War II phenomenon. In the bipolar world that emerged during the cold war era, most Asian and African countries attained Independence. Sandwiched as they were between the two superpowers, these nations wanted a voice of their own in International relations. Non-Alignment as conceived by Jawaharlal Nehru, Gamal Abdal Nasser and Marshal Tito, sought to give them this voice.

The principle objective of the organization has been to exercise independence of judgment and action in International relations. This principal objective still continues to be valid. The need to maintain independence in this era of neo-colonialism still continues. Over the years, it has developed into a movement for independence—political and economic, of all the countries.

The cold war is over. It stands buried under the debris of the Berlin Wall. The Warsaw Pact is also dead. So is the former integrated super-power, the USSR. Its excessive involvement in power management within its boundaries and outside has liquidated it altogether. After 40 years of separate existence, the unification of East and West Germany into a single state has taken place. The European Conference on Security and Cooperation (ECSC) has started playing a larger role in European politics. Several local wars have ended. Socialism has virtually vanished. Bipolarity has been replaced by polycentrism. All these global changes constitute a vindication of what NAM has stood for. It has placed a more meaningful role for NAM to play in international politics.

NAM has come to be a global movement of developing countries against the forces ofneo-colonialism. It stands committed to security of international economic relations, with a view to make these fair and equitable for all countries. Further, NAM has also been a movement against apartheid, arms race, nuclear weapons and forces of totalitarianism in world politics. It has been negating the influence of cold war and alliance politics. Most of all, it has proved to be a movement for the unity of developing nations. It continues to be popular with a steady and continuous growth in membership. The aligned states too, are now realizing its importance in the changed world situation as indication of its philosophy, principles and actions. This new approach has given the organization a new vigour and confidence. NAM countries together constitute a major contributor in the world economy today.

The scope and horizon of NAM has greatly expanded over the years. It has ascended the positive character of dynamic involvement in world affairs, judging every issue on merit taking a principled stand without fear or favour, relentlessly and consistently pursuing follow-up action and finally acting as the promoter of peace and equitable prosperity in a world of acquisitive and exploitative process. In its developed form, it continues to be a fully relevant movement designed to secure the due political and economic rights of the developing nations. It has played a key-role in promoting the unity and solidarity of the non-aligned, right of developing countries and cause of international peace, development and disarmament. It is trying to secure both these through a North-South as well as South-South dialogue.

Non-alignment has become all the more relevant today than ever before when pressures are put on the developing and under-developed countries to toe the western line of action and thought if they wish to survive. The need of the hour is that all the members of this movement must come together to forge an alliance in their own enlightened self-interest to usher in a new millennium for their starving and deprived millions without sacrificing their national values.


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