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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Prevention is Better Than Cure” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

5 Best Essay on “Prevention is Better Than Cure”

Essay  No. 01

The above-quoted proverb is an old saying, which holds true in our everyday life. This proverb advises us to be careful, thoughtful, and cautious to identify and root out the cause of trouble before it clutches us and gets serious. This proverb mainly applies to one’s physical health. People have a tendency of taking small things lightly and thus, they allow small things to pile up until they grow too powerful for them to handle. Thus, prevention is always better than cure, if we know that something with the passage of time might become dangerous then it is better to take a precautionary and protective step to fight the danger.

It is good to see a doctor when we are sick, but it would be still better not to fall sick by taking preventive and protective measures, well in advance. If we are a little cautious during seasonal changes, we may not fall sick. We should immediately visit a doctor and start the treatment, if visible symptoms of a disease are noticed, before being diagnosed with that disease. However, if we are uncaring and careless, the illness may attack us and its cure may prove costly or maybe unbearable and deadly.

We can take health precautions by consuming a healthy diet and making it a point to exercise daily. Regular exercise and good nutritious food will keep us away from diseases. It will also result in a healthy heart, mind, and body. Similarly, wise people never wait for the deadline to come near to finish their work. They toil hard with determination and complete their work before the given time limit. This gives them the time to solve any hidden problems or difficulties that might take place during the process of their work.

The truth expressed in this proverb holds’ an important place in any sphere of life. Neglecting our studies throughout the year and then studying in worries when exams are around the corner indicates the truth in this proverb. There is no need to risk success if studies are done on time. Thus, it is better to work now and take precautions instead of fixing the damage later.

No person is perfect in his/her work. We all do mistakes at a certain point. However, with the help of the act of prevention one can avoid disasters, dangers, difficulties, misunderstandings, and damages. We can check ourselves from doing something wrong by thinking wisely about the things that can happen because of our negligence. We must measure our every action carefully because solving the problem will be more time-consuming and painful. Thus, taking early precautions is advisable to avoid problems.

Thus, this proverb reminds us that most of our plights and misfortunes can be avoided if we judge the coming trouble and take appropriate preventions from the beginning. One can say that preventive measures lessen the strength of suffering.

Essay  No. 02

Prevention is Better than Cure

This proverb gives us instructions about health. It teaches us how to avoid disease and ill-health. If we don’t follow this instruction, we fall ill. We should be careful about our eating habits. We should follow these habits strictly and keep control of our sense of taste. We should not eat too much nor should continue to eat all the time. If we are careless about our eating habits, we openly invite a disease. When we fall ill we have to consult a doctor and undergo his treatment. Disease in any form is harmful to our bodies. The man does not get well immediately. It takes time and money has also to be spent. Even after recovery, it takes a long time to regain the original health. Till then, it is not possible to work hard. The disease causes a loss of time, money, and energy. Therefore prevention is better than cure. If we take regular exercise, eat simple food, and rest at the proper time, we shall maintain good health. Therefore prevention is better than cure.

Essay  No. 03

Prevention is better than cure

It is a fact accepted by all the people that prevention is better than cure. In a layman’s words, it means that we should form the beginning to prevent undesirable things from taking place rather than act when it has happened and we should take action against harmful things in time and not slog. We should take proper care of our bodies and try to prevent falling ill. We should nip the evil in the bud as far as bad habits are concerned. If we do not take care of ourselves then we fall ill which results in the loss of our valuables. As the old people also say health once spoiled is not gained easily. Prevention is better than Cure is a golden rule in life not only regarding health but also in other spheres. We should also always weigh the pros and cons of action before indulging in it.

Essay  No. 04

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is a method that saved mankind from many disasters and destruction. We must check up on every step we take. A cure is a blessing, but prevention is definitely better than cure. A wise act of a cautious mind can stop us from stepping into something wrong or dangerous. Prevention makes one escape completely from dangers and difficulties.

The cure is a solution for the suffering people which has already engulfed him. Man can prevent himself from falling into bad habits. Prevention can be achieved by planning ahead. Vaccination has prevented many diseases from affecting human beings. Preventive measures taken in other areas also lessen the intensity of suffering. One can lead a happy and healthy life through judgment and prevention.

We must measure every step we take. Cure involves much effort. A cure is a blessing, but prevention is more than a blessing. It is better than a cure. A wise act of a cautious mind can stop us from stepping into something wrong. The act of right living makes everything. possible. Living in the right sense means living wisely and cautiously.

The man knows the difference between right and wrong, the good and the evil, and safety and danger. He can judge them and escape from dangers and difficulties. Many fail to distinguish and find themselves trapped. Then they seek a cure. Prevention halts the danger, or evil, etc. from the person before it overpowers him. It makes the person escape from it completely.

The cure is a solution for the danger which has already engulfed him. In this case, one cannot always expect a solution. Hence prevention is better than cure. A man is judged by his character and manners. His character can be easily spoiled. He can become a problem in his family affairs, health, and finances. He can lead a healthy life if avoids these bad habits.

Prevention can be achieved by planning ahead. An unfortunate act can be avoided if planning is made in advance. The planned program of vaccinating children in time has led to a decrease in diseases like polio, measles, tetanus, etc. Thus, vaccination can prevent many diseases from afflicting human beings. Today, AIDS is the most deadly disease. AIDS can not be cured. but it is preventable. Millions of people are suffering from this dreadful disease. The negligent act can make one suffer from AIDS. The use of disposable needles, safe sex, tested donor’s blood to a recipient, and loyalty to one’s spouse can prevent one from getting infected by HIV.

A healthy, controlled diet and daily exercise can prevent many diseases. The diseases like heart ailments, diabetes, etc. can also be taken care of if prevention is made well in time.

Essay  No. 05

Prevention is better than cure

Preventing problems from occurring is better than solving or trying to solve them after they have occurred. Most of the problems we face are due more to our carelessness than to our shortcomings. We may, therefore, be able to avoid problems if we are cautious in our activities. Care and caution, besides helping us avoid mistakes, also ensure that time or effort is not wasted in attempts to correct them. Thus, we may often find that, despite being cautious, we have enough time to do all our work. The maxim has particular importance in the context of diseases. It is much wiser and certainly easier to prevent their occurrence than to cure them.

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