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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Patriotism is not Enough” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Patriotism is not Enough

“Of the whole sum of human life one small part is that which consists of a man’s relation to his country and his feelings concerning it,” said Gladstone.

Patriotism is a deeply planted-instinct in the human heart and the true patriot is respected everywhere. It is more than a mere sentiment. It even inspires the coward to do deeds of heroic adventure in the moments of crises. During the two World Wars the pale-faced scholars gave up their life’s work to fight for the country in the hour of trial. When Alexander advanced on Sialkot. after defeating Porus, the whole population of five thousand Brahmins whose sole business was prayer and meditation died bravely fighting against overwhelming number of Greek forces. The feeling of patriotism is manifested by all men–savage and civilised, learned or illiterate, old or young.

Patriotism manifests itself in many forms—noble or ignoble. There is the patriotism of statesman who wants to serve his country well, and without any selfish ends and seek to enhance her glory at home and abroad. He would never do anything which may harm her or lessen her greatness. Again the civic-minded and conscientious citizen who faithfully discharges his civic duties and obeys the laws of the State, is also a patriot though less ostentatious. He is always on the side of righteousness and order. He strengthens the hands of those who wish to improve the state of affairs and opposes those who are self-seekers only.

Then there is the patriotism of the former. This is the noblest type of patriotism. Love of country means a regard for the country’s welfare. The former points out all the oppression, fraud and wrong that are going on in the State and he endeavours to check them. He fights against vested interests and vicious traditions and customs. He does not love his country with all her faults and seeks to remove these flaws because of his love for her. The former is seldom a popular man. Instead of receiving appreciation, he is often condemned. However, the truest form of patriotism is his. An exile’s longing for his homeland is the commonest form of patriotism’ How truly Goldsmith, himself an exile, has written in his ‘The Traveller”.

The patriots boast, wherever we roam,

His first best country ever is at home.

The exile can never forget his home. In his dreams, like the slave so feelingly portrayed by the poet, he roams in his native land. Some of the best poems of the world are records of the longing felt by persons banished from the shores of their beloved motherland.

Desire to save one’s country from enemies—is another form of patriotism. This type of patriotism manifests itself in time of war and foreign attack. There are examples in the history of every country when from the school-going children to the, toothless aged, answered the clarion call for their country’s defense.

Patriotism is one of the noblest springs of human action. It unites all parties and persons as the common enemy as nothing else can. Thus, the Greek States which were in constant hostility with one another united against Persia. So also all Frenchmen, though much divided were united against the English by Joan of Arc. Similarly, all Englishmen were roused to repel by the Spanish Armada. A sense of patriotism is not only responsible for unification; it also inspires the noblest possible deeds. The heroic deeds of those -who for the cause of freedom fell” are celebrated in many a song and story. We remember, with pride and admiration, today the names and stories of Rana Pratap, Chand Bibl, Shivaji, Mazzini, Garibaldi, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Rani of Jhansi, Matiatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and other patriots.

However, we must guard against some false and wicked types of patriotisms. There is the patriotism of the self-seeker, the canting politician. Many astute men get elected and occupy lucrative and responsible positions by playing upon the patriotic feelings of the people.

When the leaders of various political parties whose hearts bleed for their country on every conceivable occasion, but especially before elections, exhibit this type of patriotism. Such politicians are never tired of espousing sympathy for the downloaded while all the time they themselves revel in pleasure, glamour and gaiety.

The political parties give the people practical training in self-sacrifice by piling heavier tax burdens in spit, of their protests. At the time of elections when their fate hangs in uncertainty, they promise every blessing on the earth to their dupes but forget all, the moment they are declared successful.

Then there is another type of patriotism which is the worst and most dangerous. This is not patriotism but chauvinism. In the hands of unscrupulous and callous politicians the noble sentiment of patriotism degenerates into merely a cloak of passions and prejudices. It comes to mean not only unreasoning worship of hoary traditions, good or bad of one’s country, not only zeal for one’s own freedom but also hatred for other countries and people in the name of nationalism.

National patriotism is today a pernicious creed. It was this chauvinism, jingoism of the Germans that plunged the whole world twice into a holocaust from the effects of which we shall act recover for generations to come. The mischief-mongers convert patriotism, a defensive virtue, into a nasty belligerent cult. Nationalism has come to mean that once in every generation the cream of mankind must be tormented killed or is destroyed morally and mentally and untold misery in various forms must be hurled against mankind in general. The deadliest disaster that man faces today is that of nationalism fixing its fangs deep into naked flesh of the world. The opponent blocs of today are pitched against each other in their bid for the mastery of the world and unless saner counsel prevails, a third world war cannot be avoided which may end our civilisation in the smoke of hydrogen and thermonuclear bombs.

 Mere patriotism is not enough. Though scientific inventions and discoveries have brought about the physical unification a’ the world by demolishing the old geographical barriers, ma-has miserably failed in achieving moral and spiritual unit; without which peaceful coexistence will always remain a myth It is said when God makes a prophet, He does not unmake the man. So when we are told we are Hindus, Muslims, and Indians. French or Germans we don’t cease to be human beings. In the words of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, there is not a drastic change in our ways of thought and practice, our race may die not of a natural catastrophe or disease but of nationalism Change or perish is the law of life to all her children.”


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