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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Nature and Characteristics of Family” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Nature and Characteristics of Family


Family is a social institution comprising man and woman with their children and other relatives. Today, with the coming up of nuclear family system the meaning of family has changed. Nuclear family comprises husband, wife and their natural or adopted children. Family is more or less a healthy association of husband and wife with or without children.

Most of the people in India have no social security. Basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, as well as recreation, medical and educational assistance arc fulfilled within the family. As people are entirely dependent on their family, they follow the discipline of their family. Life of an Indian rural family is co-operative in nature in terms of social, economic, religious and cultural aspects. The members of rural family follow one religion and worship same deity. Members of a family come together and celebrate festivals and religious rituals.

An Indian family comprise people having almost same ideological beliefs. Co-operation, affection, sacrifice, tolerance, discipline, loyalty, generosity, obedience, etc. are found among its members. Every member cares for its family and takes interest in different family matters. Members take pride of their family. They receive and give affection, co-operation and compassion in the family. Good and bad conduct of every member is determined by the family. In rural community, family is regarded as the unit of social life.

There are certain important characteristics of family. As family is found in all human societies, it is a universal social institution. It is a social unit depending on marriage. Family becomes a unit with the socially approved sexual relationship between man and woman to have offspring. Members of a family are related to one another by their blood relationship.

Members of a joint family live in a same house. At times, some members live in a different place, due to certain reasons like job, education, difference of opinion, etc. Desire of reproducing, maternal devotion, fraternal love and parental care are important feelings found in a family. Family is also based on emotional state of liking, compassion, support and bond.

Family as a universal institution is the smallest social group. Biological conditions determine number of members in a family. After marriage, a person can become a member of the family. Certain tasks, duties and responsibilities are performed sincerely by the members living in the family for smooth functioning of various family activities.


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