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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “My Vision of India in future ” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Vision of India in future 

India is a land of amazing extremes. Here we find beautiful mountain ranges lowering above the populated valleys and forested plains in which the tiger, the trundling rhinoceros and beautiful birds live. Enchantment is everywhere be at on the shoulder of high mountain or on the terraced farm-lands meticulously carved like stairways out of the hill ridges, cascading rivulets and rushing rivers or in the forests full of wildlife, flowers and birds songs or be it on the hot sand dunes of deserts or in our lakes, rivers and seas.

India provides something for everything be it young or old, poet or painter, scholar or an artist, politician or a warrior, all take inspiration for this land. This land of combination of art which inspires and beauty which attracts millions is an eternal bliss for them.

India is an oasis of world’s different people living together. As we have stepped into the new millennium, Indian diversity in terms of its religion, language, culture etc. will always set a model for this world. We have a rich cultural heritage inherited from our ancestors. The millennium which has recently unfolded its petals has given this country a lot i.e., from a colonized to an independent country with a strong democracy and from an underdeveloped to a developing country and so on. We are proud to be the heirs of rich legacy given to us by the dedication, sacrifice and hardwork of our freedom fighters. Thus, it is the indefatigable efforts of those heroes whose heroic sacrifices have contributed to the uniqueness of India on this globe.

But after more than five decades of independence, the question that comes to one’s mind have we really made as much progress as we had dreamt of ? Though India has carved out a place on the globe but we must visualise as to what is our status in terms of economy, population, literacy, etc. how India will be visualised in the future decade i.e. by A.D. 2010 ?

Today India is on the verge of development. The fact that India has made good progress in many fields like science and technology, I.T. indigenization of machinery, satellite transmission conducting nuclear tests etc. can not be denied. But all of our efforts are in vain until and unless, we have an effective control on our rising population. Only at the dawn of this millennium we imagine the situation after a decade or so and we will be among the most popular countries of the world. Then this population explosion will have ripple effect in terms of unemployment, basic housing facilities, sanitation, food and clean drinking water. We still reel under poverty, hunger and disease how will India provide food, housing education and employment if the population clock remains unchecked by 2010 A.D. Another question emanating from the above problems will get health priority in these years ? Besides there are problems of malnutrition among children and the AIDS menace according to WHO reports about 2.0 lakh Indians were suffering from AIDS at the turn of this century and also that India may surpass Africa in HIV infection by A.D. 2010.

Yet another field of concern is primary education. India is one of the largest producers of illiterates. To achieve a good percentage of literacy is a pipe-dream. The cancer of corruption and terrorism are spreading their tentacles fast. Though it can not be denied that due to the fast pace of technological development taking place in the decade to come, more people than ever before will enjoy better quality of life in India but equally more people than ever will face the worst situation. Their quality of life is bound to deteriorate when the prevailing economic system can not cope up with even minimum needs of the people.

A Vision of Hope—As we have witnessed the five decades after independence have rolled on and another decade is in front of us. It is not that we have not achieved much anything but we could have achieved more had we used our resources in better way. For the future decade i.e. by 2010 A.D. The choice is ours either we continue to be the same people who can not come out of their old shells or learn from our mistakes in the past and thus put ourselves on the path of improvement.

The tumour of terrorism spread by Pakistan in our country, will be malignant if not solved in these years. This can only be possible if we make our economy, our defence and intelligence gathering very strong. The basic infrastructure facilities like transport, power, communication though have made a profound progress but how this can lead us to become the super power of the world is to be realised. The efforts should be made by all segments of society whether it is politicians, the bureaucrats, the doctors, the engineers. traders, teachers, scholars or a man from rural background because if India is to change everyone has to change. We all should have a vision of ‘New India’ An ‘India of our Dreams’ Thus with a firm will in our heart, focussed attention, a passionate aspiration, take our country to a garden full of progress, hopes and success.


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