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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “My Vision of India in 2020” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Vision of India in 2020


India is a developing country. It has made rapid progress in all the spheres after its independence, viz., agriculture, industrialization, urbanization, etc. To visualize what India would be in 2020 AD in all the spheres is not an easy task. Thinking of people, technologies and mechanism are changing so fast that it is difficult to predict the future aspect. India is making progress step by step every year. Let us see what India would be in 2001 AD and what achievements would be there.

At present Indian is facing some problems of communalism in some States, viz.,. Kashmir; Assam, West Bengal, etc. The problem of Punjab has been almost solved. Regionalism is another problem in the country. There are some sensitive cities where the riots occur frequently when the religious feelings of the people are whipped. Kanpur, Aligarh, Meerut, Lucknow, etc., are such cities. Babri Masjid is still a burning issue for the country. Who can forget the incident that happened in December, 1992 ? Hundreds of people lost their lives at Ayodhya. Riots spread on country level, claiming thousands of lives and causing a great loss of property. My vision of India in. 2020 AD is one in which communalism and regionalism have disappeared. There would be no place of parochialism. The thinking of people would be healthy and they would respect every religion. Brotherhood would be a salient feature in 2020 AD. Everyone would be following the principles of Gandhiji. Every citizen, irrespective of breed, caste, religion, region, faith, would be enjoying equal rights. Unfortunately, politics in India is religion based. Religion-politics relationship is also dangerous thing to the nation. No doubt, politics and religion are part and parcel for each other but the misuse is always harmful. The use of religion in politics and vice-versa would be strictly looked upon and in 2020 healthy politics without misuse of religion would present a better picture of Indian politics.

In the Indian society of 2020 AD, the curse of untouchability will not be there. There will be no caste prejudices and no communalism. The idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam will show some silver lining in the political clouds. In each corner of India peace and tranquility will reign supreme. In 2020 AD, we may not have a classless society, but the gap between the rich and the poor will be reduced to some extent. Every citizen of India, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, race, sex and religion will enjoy the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter. In every village there will be electricity, potable water, good roads, hospitals, schools and colleges. Every citizen of India will enjoy basic amenities like free universal education, health and medicare. People will learn to realise the benefits of small family norms. So they will voluntarily practise family planning methods as a norm. Education will be based on job requirements. As a result, thousands of students coming out of schools and colleges will be absorbed into various jobs without having to wait for long. Academic institutions will be free from outside disturbing influences. Workers and labourers will get their rightful due without having to resort to agitations. They will go longer be at the mercy or good conscience of their employers. The relations between workers and the employers will become harmonious. There will be no place for strikes, lockouts and gheraos in our industries.

Our national economy is also sure to take long strides by the advent of the second decade of the century. There will be a balanced growth in both the public and the private sectors. Both industry and agriculture will be given equal importance. There will be stability in business on account of New Economic Policy. Due to successful implementation of our Five-Year Plans, by the turn of the century socialistic values will have taken roots in the Indian soil. Our country will become self-reliant in all fields like industry, agriculture, science and technology. We shall be able to compete with other advanced countries in the fields of industry and agriculture. Our per capita income will go up steadily.

Our space technology and nuclear science will be used for the benefit of all mankind. Our research laboratories will have made considerable .progress and benefited our industries to a great extent. India will become one of the seven most industrialized countries of the world and permanent member of UN Security Council, India will take a lead in ushering in peace and prosperity in the world. Our relations with our neighbours will become cordial. This will lead to greater cooperation and strengthening of bilateral relations with our neighbours.

It is also to be hoped that One our politicians will also have learnt some good lessons by the turn of the second decade of the century. There is no doubt that the power-at-any-cost brand of leaders will long since have been thrown overboard and forgotten. Corruption, nepotism and favoritism will have become a thing of the past. By all accounts, there will be left only two parties in the political field, namely, the Leftists and Rightists. But the difference before the Right and left will become value-based instead of being money and muscle-based and the strength of each to two parties in Lok Sabh will be in the range of 270-280, so that the Government does not become anybody’s family fiefdom. It will be a true democracy instead of the present make-believe democracy.

Agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economic growth. Approximately 76% of the population lives in villages and depends on agriculture. However, the farmers are using new inputs in the agriculture, but still it has not be possible to equip all the farmers with new inputs to increase the products. Unfortunately, our farmers are poor and live below the poverty line. They are not in a position to purchase good seeds, fertilizers and other essential inputs. Our Government is trying at its best to facilitate them with modern equipments to produce more output. The Government had instructed the financial institutions to provide more credit facilities on priority basis to the farmers. If our farmers are prosperous, the picture of Indian economy would be different. It is hoped that the poverty line in India would disappear and the farmers would be prosperous. The production of food grains would be increased to a large extent and India would not import food grains, such as wheat from other countries.

Education is also a very important field to be looked upon. Since the dawn of Independence, emphasis has been given to educate the people especially the villagers. A high percentage of villagers is illiterate. Villagers are ignorant and superstitious. They are fatalists. They have been caught in deep-routed prejudices and age-old customs. Education can enlighten them. Education in villages can solve the problem of population explosion. Rural women need education on priority basis. The birth rate can be controlled by educating them. Welfare programmes are necessary for them. They should be taught the benefits of limited family. The Government is also taking some important steps for rural uplift. Primary education has been made free and compulsory. Girls would get free education up to the college level. Adult education centres have been opened in villages where villagers after their routine work can get education. Steps are being taken to achieve the total literacy by the end of this century. It is expected that villagers would have good opportunities of education. Controlled birth rate would have been achieved and by constant growth rate, there would not be any fear of population explosion.

The task of modernization of villages is being carried on a large scale. Villages have been linked by pucca roads to main cities. Steps have been taken to provide , electricity to all villages for domestic and irrigational purposes. Haryana has set an example for other States. In this State every village is linked with city by pucca roads and electricity has reached all villages. Branches of cooperative and public sector banks have been opened in the villages to provide credit facilities keeping in view the urgent needs of the villagers for purchasing inputs, bullocks, etc., on a priority basis. It is hoped that in 2020 A.D. the picture of Indian villages would have been completely changed. The villagers would not be thinking of flight from villages to cities. Every village would be self-dependent.

The Government has implemented various schemes to eradicate poverty and provide employment to the unemployed youth. It is providing various facilities to unemployed persons to be self-employed. It has implemented Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (JRY) and recently one more scheme, Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana (PMRY) has been started. There would be much more opportunities for unemployed persons to get employment in the coming years. It is hoped that there would be maximum, distributive justice and economic disparities and ‘unemployment would be removed.

My vision of India in 2020 A.D. is very bright and charming. In 2020 India would be far different as compared to that in current year. It would have established new standards of progress. Moral, social educational and values would be on peak. Era of frozen postures would have been ended and 4 P’s, viz., Peace, Production, Progress and Peculiarity, would give name and fame to India. Our society in the second decade will be amusement-oriented. There will be a scope for the purpose of higher studies cultural activity.

Inter-State and inter regional mobility for the purpose of higher studies and for the purpose of jobs will increase. And as such and due to the exchange of ideas and thoughts via a powerful medium like TV, culture of one State will mingle with culture of other State or region, ever so the original aspects of culture, of a particular region will be stepping up and it will become a power nation of the Third World and it will acquire a strategic position. All this is not a day dream. We can achieve all these if we work with required will and determination. Let us unite ourselves to make India peaceful prosperous. Let us work together to make India a true Welfare State.


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