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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Metro Rail for Delhi” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Metro Rail for Delhi

Having undergone a fiery ordeal of a ramshackled mass transport system for almost five decades and a half, the citizens of Delhi could not have had a better Christmas gift from the authorities than the metro and when the metro did come to the town on Christmas eve on December 24, 2002, it was indeed an occasion for spontaneous celebration. The Delhi ties could not just believe that a dream would become a reality. They have had enough of first DTU (Don’t Trust Us) DTC and later. The fleet of ill-managed and ‘devil may care’ privately operated buses. The failure of the mass transits system in the capital has spawned a proliferation of four million motor vehicles, a staggering figure that surpasses the number of motor vehicles of Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai put together. So metro came like a warm sunshine on a foggy morning or the pleasant cool showers to break the heat wave in June. And it was unbounded excitement all around with an estimated million people thronging all the six stations on the 8.3 km. Shandara-Teeshazari Corridor. The same excitement when India’s first train chugged along 150 years ago on the Thane route !

Built with the help of Japan and Korea, the Delhi metro system boast of state of the art features that are comparable to (if not better than) those present in some western cities. Metro’s capacity to solve the problem of mass transit in Delhi would depend upon how soon the rest of the project is completed. The segment of the project is completed. The segment of the track that is now operational is only a little over 8 kilometers long, or only about 10 percent of that covered by the project’s first phase. It is only when the first phase is complete (estimated in late 2005) that the metro will start carrying commuters in large enough numbers (2.2 million a day according to railway estimates) to make a real difference. The entire project, which comprises three lines that will link far flung corners of the sprawling city, will take another two decades to complete. For the metro to tackle the total problem of transportation in a big city, it has to be effectively integrated with the rest of the transport system since the subway cannot take people everywhere, it has to work in coordination with city’s bus transport system in an effective manner. Compared to India’s only other subway system the 15 kilometer stretch in Kolkata-Delhi’s ambitious metro is poised for a great leap forward and could be a model for other waiting big cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc.


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