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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Marriage and Its Features, Forms and Functions” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Marriage and Its Features, Forms and Functions


Marriage is a universal institution. It is an established relationship between man and woman, which permits them to live together and create their family by giving birth to children. The traditional Hindu idea of marriage is viewed as a physical, mental and spiritual blending of man and women. Thus, marriage is a ceremony where two people become husband and wife.

Marriages have taken place from pre-literate to modem human societies. However, not every individual gets married. Some select to stay single. Sometimes for some people the condition is not favourable for marriage. After marriage, man and woman become husband and wife and develop a lifelong bond. Marriage also establishes a bonding between the families of the married couple. Certain cultures do not permit the breakdown of marriage. However, in modern times, it is not so, because separation through legal procedures is permitted.

Marriage is a social celebration. In traditional communities, it is important for the entire tribe or village. In some countries, marriages are performed through legal registration. In certain societies, marriage is an important religious ceremony While in some societies marriages are performed on contract bases. Marriage applies certain rights, duties, obligations and many expectations on spouses. Religious communities in India have their own laws related to marriage and divorce.

Depending on the number of spouses, there are two main types of marriages. Monogamy is a form of marriage in which the ratio of spouses is 1:1. Such form of marriage is practiced all over the world. It is regarded as the best form of marriage. Another form of marriage is polygamy, in which the ratio of spouses is one is to more than one.

Marriage performs certain important functions. It provides social approval and permits both the partners to fulfill their sexual desires. There is a belief that religious and civil marriage ceremony makes the married couple obliged for maintaining their relationship as far as possible. Marriage provides stability to the children who are a part of the family.

Marriage fulfills the important purpose of letting everyone know about the marriage alliance. To remain lifelong married and enjoy companionship most people marry. Large number of marriages in India last for a lifetime. Different roles such as earning livelihood, cooking food, cleanliness of the house, investing and saving for the future, acquiring property, etc. are carried by the married partners. Thus, the married couple share economic resources, responsibilities and economic co-operation between them.


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