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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Laser and Its Uses in Industry and Medicine” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Laser and Its Uses in Industry and Medicine


A laser is a device that strengthens and intensifies light. It gives out light in which all the waves change direction and strength together, typically producing a powerful beam of light. This beam of light can be used for cutting metals, in performing medical operations, etc. It produces sharp and intense directed beam of light. Laser light is directional and it travels in a narrow beam.

Laser lights have the property of coherence. It differs from other forms of light. The wavelengths of laser light are largely the same in contrast to the wavelengths of lights differing from each other in the case of other forms of light. Laser light is a powerful beam of light, which is much brighter compared to light from any other source.

In 1960, the first working laser was built by Theodore H. Marman. These initial lasers were expensive and inefficient. They were largely used in laboratories rather than for practical application. Today, we find that lasers are used in a variety of ways. Their uses have gained importance.

Laser lights are used in manufacturing medicines, in conducting military operations and in carrying out various agricultural activities. Modem day lasers are extremely small or extremely large. They can produce light in all colours of the spectrum.

In the field of industry, lasers are used for number of reasons. The beam of a laser is also useful for drilling eyes, inspect fabric and for surgical needles. As lasers can produce intense heat, they may also be useful to melt extremely hard materials. A special kind of lenses are used to focus a beam to a point, which may be as small as .0025 mm. During this process, a very high temperature of 5538°C is produced. Lasers are also used in welding industries to cut different shapes from sheet of steel.

Laser beam is capable of burning unhealthy tissues in human body without causing damage to the surrounding areas. Thus, it even has medical advantages. It is also use in sealing the blood vessels after surgery. This helps in reducing the amount of bleeding. The condition of retinal detachment can also be corrected through laser. Thus, lasers are largely used by eye specialists during surgery. Moreover, with the help of leaser, blocked arteries can be opened.

Lasers are also used in scientific research. Scientists are experimenting with lasers in order to separate the isotopes of uranium. Uranium is a fuel, which is used for generating power in nuclear reactors. Thus, it is an important step in the processing of uranium to be used in the reactors.


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