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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “If I Were A Politician In India” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were A Politician In India


Politicians Yes, I understand that this is the highest rung of dignitaries in a country, so India could be no exception. If I were a politician in Incite, would be a class apart from that of others clan.

In India politicians in the present times is a class to be suspected, abhorred, disliked and never to be trusted. This dismal image of politician in India is now a fact hidden from no one. So, if I were to be a politician of India, my first and immediate aim would be to try my best to erase this ugly notion from the minds of the people. I understand that in India politicians are the most powerful beings in the hierarchy of executives. they have status, and they get a tremendous number of perks with their enviable positions. I often do wonder, why should they after getting so much, still resort to malpractices to earn more and more.

If I were an Indian politician, I would be the most satisfied person, getting all that was my due and try my best to give the masses what they deserve, in return of bringing me to the position of a politician. I would realise that they the electorate, the people elect me they vote for me, not for my progress, but because they think I could get progress for them With this idea clear in my mind, I would set myself ready to serve the people and not myself. My first priority would be to return to the masses in all fairness at that they had done for me. They had given me prestige, love, and a lot of regard, in the expectation of my looking after their small, day to day interests.

My first target would be the perks of politicians for, in my view, all the perks that go with the position of the politicians are lust too much for them to consume, and this leads to the misuse of the perks and privileges. Moreover, I would understand that, a poor country like India can ill afford such indulgence for a handful of its people at the cost of the prosperity of the masses. My first work as a politician would be to attack the perks that are given on a platter to the politicians who represent a poor country.

The priority to be next tackled by me would be my avenue of work. I would go and spend much of the time of each year in my constituency. This I would do as, I realise that, it is these people who have voted for me and given me the gift of this position, and it is these people who deserve my full support. With this in mind, I would stay as long as possible in my constituency instead of in Delhi. I would live with them, study their needs and try to get their problems solved for them as, this is the reason why they voted for me.

With these three priorities in my mind as a politician, I would serve my country to the best of my capacity. I would never forget to serve the people who helped me to this elevated position of a politician. With this attitude I am sure, I would get through the election again and again, for if I serve truly and honestly no one would ever stand a chance of fighting an election against me. This is because I would be serving my people and they would never leave me for any one else.

I really feel that if politicians in India were of good stuff, honest, devoted and sincere there could be no power to stem the progress of this country. This is bemuse the highest rung of the ladder has to be of good quality and safe in order to allow other rungs to work with efficiency.


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