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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “How to Prevent Excessive Urbanisation?” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

How to Prevent Excessive Urbanisation?

Urbanisation means the gradual concentration of population in towns and cities as a consequence of continuous migration from rural areas. Mahatma Gandhi said about the consequence of urbanisation that half-a-dozen modern cities were an excrescence and served the evil purpose of draining the life-blood of the villages.

In the first half of 19th century, India witnessed a reverse migration, that is from urban to rural areas, because of the inability of the artisans to compete with the progressive industrialisation whereas the second half of the 19th century witnessed more rapid industrialisation which made the way clear for intensive urbanisation. The problem of rapid urbanisation has become more acute with the coming into existence of new business centres. Firstly, poverty in our villages is the prime cause of rapid urbanisation, which leads to sub-human conditions of the people in the villages and forces the villagers to move to towns where better living conditions are supposed to exist. Secondly, better employment opportunities in urban areas naturally attract the villagers. Thirdly, small land holdings result in reduced income from the farm and lead to migration to the urban centres. Finally, lack of higher educational facilities in villages forces the people to migrate to towns and cities.

Undoubtedly, the economic development is associated with growth of urbanisation. But the problems created by such migration from rural areas have baffled not only the people at large, but also the administration. Moreover, the benefits of economic growth through industrialisation are concentrated into certain hands and certain pockets of the country, resulting in unbalanced urban and economic growth. The problem of excessive urbanisation cannot be solved until and unless effective measures are taken to alleviate poverty of the masses.

Sustained growth of agricultural farms is crucial to the well-being of the villages. But in our country where agriculture primarily depends upon the vagaries of the monsoon, it is difficult to generate much net income from agriculture. Modernisation of agriculture is necessary besides expansion of banking facilities in rural areas, as well as providing proper and adequate irrigation facilities, improving marketing and transport facilities, modified storage of agricultural produce, and strengthening the various units in co-operative sector which are providing credit facilities, etc.

Various public policies and special employment programmes are needed to provide employment to the landless and new entrants to the labour force, not only in the agricultural sector, but also in the non-farm sector through extensive application of science and adoption of new and profitable scientific technology. Assistance should be provided to small and marginal farmers with regard to subsidiary occupations like poultry, dairy, fishery, piggery and preservation of farm products. Mobilisation of locally available resources, by creating consumer products, can help uplift the rural people. To achieve this goal, educating the rural people in the field of effective utilisation of naturally available resources and controlling pollution to preserve surrounding environment, etc., is very essential.

Rural areas development schemes should be chalked out and implemented to provide basic amenities like healthy living conditions, education and health facilities, market and transport facilities, electricity, etc., in our villages to stop migration. Until the basic needs of villagers are met in the village itself, there can be little hope of stopping the exodus of rural population of urban areas. Decentralisation of administration to reduce the charm of the cities as centres of power and employment is needed to check urbanisation which is a symbol of economic advancement and its growth is inevitable. But excessive urbanisation is very harmful. It tends to convert men into soul-less mechanical morons, lacking human qualities. Efforts should be made to persuade the large number of people migrating to cities to settle in a coordinated way so that it becomes easier to provide services. Resources should be concentrated on creating planned ,areas for people to ‘settle in. Intermediate technology should be used in conjunction with conventional technologies and should not be regarded as a substitute for them. Creating and preserving a healthy and well-regulated environment is a prerequisite to prevent excessive urbanisation.


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