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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Forest and Water as Renewable Resources ” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Forest and Water as Renewable Resources 


Resources available on the Earth can be divided’ into renewable and non-renewable resources.

Renewable resources are also known as natural or non-depletere sources. On the other hand, non-renewable resources are also known as artificial or deplete resources. Renewable resources are replaced naturally. These resources can be used without the risk of finishing or exhausting. Wind, solar power, wave power, forests, vegetation, wild life, pastures and aquatic life multiply naturally. Therefore, they are considered as renewable resources.

Natural resources are replaced by natural processes. They are determined in the natural environment. Water resources available on the planet are inexhaustible as they can be recycled. Thus, water can be considered as renewable resource. However, the misuse of natural resources causes obstruction in the natural process of regeneration. This can lead to the irreparable damage to the natural resources. Forests and water are the main renewable resources.

Forests are valuable source of different kinds of useful commodities like wood, fuel, fodder, timber and herbal drugs. Forests also provide several raw materials useful for various industries. They provide shelter to animals and birds. Forests help in maintaining the environmental balance. They monitor the supply of fresh oxygen in the air we breathe. Forests affect the climate and make it more favourable for the life.

Today, the use of wood and other forest products are increasing, without putting in necessary efforts to regenerating them. Thus, slowly forests are disappearing. The Government must adopt strong policies to protect the forest resources by planting more and more trees.

The surface of the Earth is covered by small amount of fresh water, which can be used by us. Thus, water resources on the Earth are limited. Water is the most essential element of any form of life. Although it is available in abundant quantity, there is scarcity of drinking water in many parts of the world. Water is extremely essential for drinking, irrigation, industries, household uses, generating hydroelectricity, etc. Water resources are scarce and thus, they must be used very sensibly.

Out of total water present on the Earth, 97.25% of water exists in the oceans and remaining only 2.75% of water is fresh. In all 75% of the fresh water occurs as ice caps and glaciers. About 25% of fresh water is stored under the ground. Water moving within the hydrological cycle makes sure that it is a renewable resource.


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