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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Family Life in The 21st Century ” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Family Life in The 21st Century 

If the 20th century is the jet age, the next century will be the light age. Life will move at a whirlwind pace. Man will fight a grim battle for survival with the multiplying population, jobs becoming scarcer still, the competition becoming stiffer and existence something of a maddening race with people treading upon one another to get to the winning post. Mechanisation will be the order of the day, ousting man and his devices even from the simplest possible processes of survival on this planet. Age and decay will soon set in giving rise to so far unheard of diseases. Though we shall continue to be human with all our imperfections and foibles. Our far-fetched aspirations will bring about radical changes in the fields of transport, food, communications recreation, etc.

Family, which is the nucleus of Indian life, will become still narrower in its definition and scope. Members of a family will be devoid of affection or compassion for one another. They shall act like mere robots doing their allotted tasks mechanically. A family will no longer come together to watch television or video during dinner as each member will have his or her own individual source of recreation and entertainment. Video games, walkie-talkies and other electronic amusements of the 20th century will become obsolete, giving rise to newer and more sophisticated gadgets.

Life, in general, will be faster. Husbands may stop going to factories and offices because their places of work will by then be supervised by the computers. People will communicate with the outside world sitting in the comfort of their homes. All transactions—social, familial or business—will be indirect. Family members and relatives will hardly meet in person letter-writing or telephone will become a thing of the long forgotten past. By the end of the 21st century, people might adopt the most mystic form of communication, that is, mind-telepathy. But if telephone and telecommunication are the only form of contact among human beings, they need never come face to face, not even for the purpose of procreation. Artificial-insemination will be increasingly in use.

After a decade or so, test-tube babies will come to occupy a considerable proportion of our population. Whiz kids will be conceived with the help of artificial insemination. A child born in the 21st century will probably be nursed by robots while its mother is engaged in her own amusement and entertainment.

Food will either become a luxury or will assume ceremonial importance. Cooking of fresh food will probably be rare because eating organic food will not be popular. Mothers won’t feel the need to cook food for the family at the appointed hour. Families will subsist on tinned stuff and vitamin tablets. May be, they will start injecting themselves with growth hormones too.

Integrity and oneness in the family will become rarer still. A family today is the smallest unit of Indian society where a closely-knit relationship exists among its various members. Alas, by the turn of the century, a family will no longer retain its inherent meaning. Its members will hardly need one another’s love or cooperation or assistance as we shall all become victims of the scientific revolution that will ultimately boomerang on the family unit.

This may imply that in the 21st century mankind will move away from the laws of nature, even from humanity itself, in its pursuit of individual excellence in the chosen fields. Family will be an anachronistic term in the new set-up. Elders will no longer be respected and listened to, the aged will be discarded for they shall have outlived their utility and relationship will be merely functional and utilitarian. Family squabbles will become the order of the day with each member trying to corner the maximum share of the family property and possessions on the most unethical manner.

This scenario may look unduly pessimistic to many readers, but the pointers are in this direction. Family life will be in a shambles in the next century and the happy times of today will belong to the hoary past.


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