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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Dussehra” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Dussehr0 is celebrated with much gaiety and enthusiasm all over the country. The advent of winter season after unbearably hot summer also fills people with new zest and zeal to welcome the season.

Dussebra means the Tenth Day, known as Vijayadashmi. Vijay means victory and Dashmi means the tenth day, commemorating Rama’s victory over the demon King Ravana. This victory is a token of triumph of virtue over vice. In North India, the Dussehra celebrations include the Ram Lila. Stylized plays, recitation of hymns in the praise of the legendary hero Rama mark the occasion. On the tenth day elaborate-processions lead to the Ram Lila ground. Colossal effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarana and Meghnad are erected and they are stuffed with fire crackers with the sunset conies the sunset of the life of these demons. Effigies are set on fire. The inevitable end of the vice sends great satisfaction in the heart of the people.

In Tamil Nadu for three days each, Lakshrni, the goddess of wealth, Saraswati, the goddess of learning and arts and Durga, the goddess of Shakti are worshiped respectively. The tenth day is celebrated as the beginning of learning in Kerala also. In Nest Bengal and other parts of eastern India Dussehra is celebrated as Durga Puja. This way this festival of Dussehra has all India flavour.

The Dussehra day is a public holiday. The bazaars get crowded with customers. Toy shops and confectioners attract customers as honey attracts insects and butterflies. Ladies of all ages throng the bangle shops. Toy weapons are the favourite of children. Roadside eateries do brisk business. People in their gala dresses roam with new vigour and enthusiasm. The city wears a fairy look. Even habitually sad persons wear the robes of joy and happiness. A heavenly intoxication grips the masses.


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