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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Discipline is The Hallmark of Progress” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Discipline is The Hallmark of Progress

Discipline, a word so loosely bandied around today, implies a particular kind of training in self-control, orderliness obedience, punctuality and cooperation. It leads us to do better in life and is, indeed, the hallmark of progress. The importance of discipline in all spheres of life especially in collective work is undisputed. One -cannot progress without discipline whether it is an individual, a society or a nation.

Discipline is not, as it is generally considered by the younger generation, a threat to individual freedom. One can be free and at the same time, disciplined to the core. What is required is a delicate balance between individual freedorri and collective good. Discipline may put some restrictions on individual freedom but they are quintessential for the collective good, leading to rapid progress.

Progress, being a purposive change, can be scientific as well as moral. In the scientific arena, progress has helped to demystify many things in the world; most diseases have been cured and the world has drastically shrunk in size. We can dream and talk of the entire world as one family because of scientific progress, which in its turn could not have been possible without rigid discipline on the part of scientists, technocrats and other specialists in their respective areas. On moral grounds, man has gradually progressed from the stage of a savage to the modern evolved species and this he owes to discipline and self-control. Individual and family life is organized today because of the discipline exercised by the various constituents This discipline and self-control must extend to the society as well as nation.

No nation can progress without discipline. This is quite evident from the progress of Japan, which was almost completely ruined during the Second World War but has now come up as one of the most prosperous countries in the world Mainly because of its hard working and disciplined citizens.

The home is the nursery where we receive our first lessons of discipline through obedience of parents and elders. As we pass out of the nursery and enter the portals of an educational institution, discipline becomes a matter of vital importance. This being student life, is a period of preparation for the battle of life. No less is the need for discipline in the playground. A week but disciplined team can prove better than a strong but ill organized, in disciplined team. The former can prove victorious, owing to sheer discipline.

In society also, there is a greater need for discipline. If its individual members are permitted to do whatever they like, society will break up and the onward march of civilization and progress will be arrested. Lack of discipline among the youth of a country may endanger national security.

Nowhere, perhaps is discipline more necessary than in the army here a moment’s hesitation may mean defeat and death. . Difficulty, danger, nay, death itself should not prevent a soldier from carrying out the orders of his commander even it they are unjust or wrong. In history the disciplined armies have won great victories against the bigger but in disciplined armies.

Discipline is a precious asset. Life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder. It is a rod to check the erring, a brake to control the thoughtless actions of man. Its purpose is to see that liberty does not degenerate into licence.


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