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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Different Forces of Nature” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Different Forces of Nature


Compared to other living organisms on the Earth, man has superior intelligence. This helps him to catch and tame other things for his personal use and benefit. During the course of time, he has succeeded in using different forces of nature like wind, water, fire, steam and electricity for his advantage.

With the help of windmills, man has changed power of wind into electricity. Windmill drives the power of wind turning its long arms coiled ‘sails’. He uses the wind to grind his grains into flour. Windmill helps in raising water by pumps and drain wet fields. In the same way, years ago man used wind to his advantage by sailing across the seas. Winds carried him in his ship by the clever creation of sails.

Water helps man to power his small and big machines in factories and industries. Before steam was used by him as a source of power, most of the machines were used through the power generated ‘ by water. In modem times nearby lakes and rivers, supply power by generating electricity to many factories and industries to make their machines run. In India, Cauvery Falls in southern part of the country supply electric power to Bangalore and Mysore.

Fire was discovered by early man. He used it as the most useful source of power. Fire was used by him to cook his food, to smelt metals, to protect him from wild animals and to supply him with artificial heat. As fire generates very high temperatures, in modem times it is used to melt down ore into its various metals such as Iron, Bronze, Gold arid Silver.

With the discovery of steam as a source of power, railway engines working on steam were invented. They brought about revolution in man’s industrial and social life. Railways, important factories, ship powered by steam and machines driven by steam were developed gradually. This further helped the modern world in the progress and growth of industrial towns and cities, as well as development of trade and commerce.

Man has also succeeded in capturing and taming the lightning. 19th century saw the growth and development of steam, but today we live in the age of electricity. Electricity has helped man with artificial light, comfortable life and even sending message through mobile phones and computers all over the world.

Therefore, in true sense we can say that through his intelligence man has succeeded in using, taming and controlling different forces of nature to his advantage.


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