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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths

2 Best Essay on “Cowards die several times before Death”

Essay No. 01

‘Cowards die many times before their deaths,’ is a statement or a phrase that gives advice and explains that is generally true. This proverb was created by English playwright William Shakespeare. It explains to us that cowards die many times in their life before they actually die. A person who is coward lives in constant fear of his death. Only by thinking about his death, his heart and mind begin to tremble with fear. A coward believes that death is a massive monster that is always hanging over him and can attack any time.

It is not a sign of courage to hide and run away from the troubles in life. A coward must understand that death cannot be avoided. Natural tragedies like earthquakes, famines, and floods make the coward shake with fear. He thinks that his death is near. He spends many sleepless nights. Moreover, due to wars, riots, serious disagreements, and other conflicts a coward further becomes a sacred-cat.

A coward sees everything in life with suspicion and doubt. He always lives in worries. If someday he is standing near a beach, suddenly he feels that accidentally he may sink and die. Even while walking on the street he remains very careful. He walks from the corner of the footpath. While crossing the road he is over-careful to avoid accidents that may cause him death. Imagination for death does not allow him to live happily and peacefully. If he receives the news of someone’s death, he feels relieved for his escape from death. Such is the viewpoint of a coward.

Those who are not cowards are ready to accept their death. They are aware that death is a natural event that cannot be escaped. Such people accept death with courage.

No one whether rich or poor, young or old, king or beggar has overcome death. It is not false to say that death before time is a heartbreaking event. This can terrify family and friends. However, no one can challenge death. It is wise to adopt an accepting approach towards death rather than suffering the torturous imagination of death like a coward.

Essay No. 02

Cowards die several times before Death

Man is mortal. Death does not spare anybody, the rich and the poor, the young and the old, and the ruler and the ruled. Nobody knows what will happen after death. One dies leaving behind everything one has. Death has been the subject of study of many researchers, scientists, philosophers, and thinkers.

A brave man puts up a brave front when he faces any danger. He is always prepared for the unexpected. He has the capacity to overcome any situation. Cowards, on the other hand. are unable to face unfavorable situations. They die several times before death. Death is an inevitable part of life. A brave man lives life to the full, while a coward kills his conscience several times before the real death.

Human existence is full of risks and dangers. One may face danger. anywhere. It may be at the workplace, home, road, etc. The traffic in the road has become unruly which poses a threat to life. A brave man ignores such unexpected dangers. He is adventurous enough to risk his life to achieve his goals. A coward, on. On the other hand, sits cursing his luck. He depresses himself and also those who are associated with him.

The brave always take risks in their lives. Mangal Pandey was brave enough to pose a challenge to British rule. He was aware of the consequences. He sacrificed his life for the freedom of the country. The freedom fighters were punished several by the British, yet they did not give up their spirit. They felt proud to be a part of the freedom struggle.

A brave man strives for success at atone. No defeat can make him lose his hopes. One such incident is the meeting between Alexander and Porus. Porus was defeated by Alexander and brought before the latter in chains. Alexander asked him as to what treatment should be given to him. Porus promptly replied that he expected Alexander to treat him in the manner a king would treat another king. In such cases, a coward would lose all hopes. He would not have the courage to give such answers.

A coward cannot face difficulties. He runs away from it. A brave man faces danger boldly. In doing so, he gains self-confidence. Bravery knows no age. Every year, the nation gives bravery awards to children who display great courage and save the lives of those in danger.

The brave belief only in action. They live in the present and have no fear of the future. Their courageous attitude enables them to live life to the full. They do not worry about the future. Trey does not lose their heart in difficult circumstances. One should not act like a coward, otherwise, he would not die once but several times before death.

The cowards are often unable to live in the present. They brood over the past. They remain pessimistic about the future. Fear of the unexpected and fear of the future make them depressed. They lose their self-confidence. They cannot face adverse circumstances boldly. They often blame others for their inaction. Cowards hardly enjoy their life.


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