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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “An Indian Farmer” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Indian Farmer

Essay No. 01


India is a land of villages. Agriculture is a major profession in this country. A farmer, therefore, occupies a very important place in our social set-up. He is the backbone of our country. Hard work, patience and honesty are some of the features of his character. He suffers so that his countrymen many prosper. He is a very useful member of our society. He work hard, sheds his sweat and blood for the sake of his countrymen. He grows food grains, vegetables and fruits for us to eat. He grows cotton from which clothes are made. His work is very heavy. He works from morning till evening. His hard work and open air life make him stout and strong. He leads a simple life. He knows a lot about the quality of land, seeds, manure and sowing, watering and reaping of crops. He has now started using modern methods of agriculture. His food and dress are quite simple. He puts on light clothes. He is frank, straight-forward, loving and innocent. He has a reasonably good income. He spends lavishly on marriages and other celebrations and is often under debt. Our government has been trying to improve his lot. He is no longer illiterate and superstitious. He is a respectable figure. He richly deserves a place of honor in society. An Indian farmer is, in fact, the backbone of the Indian nation.


Essay No. 02


A Day in the Life of a Farmer


Before Independence, the lot of the farmers was miserable throughout India. We can get ample idea about this fact from the novels and stories of Prem Chand and others.

After Independence, great efforts have been made to improve the lot of farmers. In certain States such as Punjab and Haryana and to some extent in Uttar Pradesh and some other States, the lot of farmers, at least of those having large holdings, has greatly bettered. But the lot of a marginal farmer having a small holding remains in the same old miserable condition as in the past.

Here, I describe a day in the life of an average Indian farmer. He gets up early in the morning and prays to God as the first thing of the day, as he is a highly religious person. He may even visit a place of worship according to his religion which may be situated in the heart of the village.

Thereafter he has a bath and goes out to his fields taking his pair of bullocks with him, except that if he has a tractor, he goes on it to his fields. Let us here suppose, he has a pair of bullocks.

He yokes the bullocks and ploughs his fields. Sometimes, a farmer may use just one bullock to plough the field. If he has already ploughed the field, he levels it again using his bullocks and then sows the seeds.

If he has already sowed the seeds which have since sprouted, he waters them. He gets the water for this purpose from his tubewell which is run by electricity or diesel. He may get electricity free or at very nominal rates. If the growing crop is there, he uses fertilizers and insecticides and pesticides as required.

He continues working till noon when his wife, mother or somebody else from his house comes to bring him his simple lunch consisting of chapatties, butter, and lassi or curd.

Then he takes some rest. If it is summer, he sits or lies down on a cot under a tree for some time. If it is winter, he collects a few twigs and burns them and sits beside the fire for some time to warm himself.

After taking rest for a short period, he starts his work again which he continues till late in the evening when the sun is setting and he goes back to his village with his bullocks or oxen.

He takes his dinner, watches TV for some time and goes to sleep. This is how an average Indian farmer’s day is spent.


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