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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “An Amusing Scene” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Amusing Scene


In February last Mother went away to Lucknow to see her parents there. Two weeks later came the Holidays. My father told me and my sister to get ready to go to Lunknow for a few days. The hope of seeing Mother so soon filled us with great joy.

Early next morning we reached the Railway station. Father purchased three second class tickets and we walked on to Platform No. I. Just then the train steamed in. we got into the second compartment. But it was badly packed. My father sat down on the hold-all and asked us to sit down on a berth on which a fat man, a rich businessmen was lying. I stood standing before him but he pretended to be sleeping. So I sat down on his box. But my nine years old sister was not to accept defeat. She seated, herself some how near the fat man’s foot. She is very mischievous by nature. I sensed some mischief.

When the train moved and had gathered speed, she took out her Sari pin and pierced into foot. The man pulled his leg in and she now sat more comfortably. For an hour she kept reading a story book and preparing her plan. She took out a little phial from her bag and poured half of its content into the goblet of water, that stood under her berth. She put a little into the glass also. Then she took out the little basket of oranges which the fat man had kept there. She distributed them among the children in the compartment. Father sat pouring over the newspaper knowing nothing of her moves.

The train reached Basti station. It halted for half an hour. She slipped down and mixed the contents of the bottle into the buckets of water at the station. I saw that however took water from the buckets went away spitting. The fat man got up, he filled his glass from the goblet and took a sip. His mouth went away. He got down to have fresh water from the buckets at the station. But he felt the same bitter taste. “I have fever” mustered he. His fingers went on his pulse. Then he came back and took out the basket.

When he opened his basket, he found the oranges gone. He saw children enjoying them. He cried; “What has become of my oranges. Someone must have stolen them.” Father looked up and showed his sympathies. “May I give you some?” said he. But the fat man was restless. The fellow passengers understood the whole case. “I have fever! My oranges are gone! Who has done this?” You have taken quinine mixture. It will cure your fever,” said Ruby, “Now take this orange. It will cure your mental fever. Besides it will mind your manners.” The whole compartment was full of smiles. But my father frowned and my sister said, “Sorry!”

This is the description of an amusing incident. Sister had entertained others at the cost of the businessman.


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