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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Visit to Factory” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to Factory

All children are fond of cold drinks. While having my favourite drink, i.e. soft Drink. I never gave a thought how it is made. That afternoon when our teacher announced that next day we will be going to the Campa Cola factory, the boys and girls who were tired with studies, were thrilled. Some of the boys Who were thinking of keeping the day off changed their mind. So it was full attendance next day when we started for Soft Drink factory by bus.

I was surprised when the bus stopped near Cannaught Place and we were told that we had arrived. I was thinking that the factory must be in a polluted industrial area outside the city. We were received by the staff of the factory and they straight away led us to plant. They not only told us how the soft Drink is made but showed us the process. We saw various ingredients which constituted Soft Drink filtered water, carbon dioxide gas, sugar and cocoa together with some chemicals are mixed in different stages in the plant.

An important feature of the manufacturing process was making the water absolutely clean in the water treatment plant. It was amazing to see how careful the workers were in their job. Everything was automatic and systematic. Bottles were thoroughly cleaned by a large automatic bottle washer. After the bottles were filled, they were crowned automatically.

After seeing the production we were taken to the laboratory. There a scientist explained us the various tests required for quality control and showed us the instruments used for this work. From there we went to the view room. There, each of us were given a treat, a bottle of Soft Drink and a tiff in.

We enjoyed the cold drink and an interesting video film. We thanked the kind and courteous people at the factory for showing us around and for the drinks and snacks. While starting in the morning we thought that it would be only picnic, but it also turned out to be a very educative. I would confess that I was feeling somewhat jealous of the lucky workers of the factory. So I asked one of them that he should be having Soft Drink whenever thirsty. He surprised me with his reply that he never takes soft drink. He added that it is perhaps similar to a sweetmeats shop where the owner never feels like eating his own sweets.


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