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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Visit To A Museum” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to a Museum

5 Best Essays on ” A Visit to a Museum”

Essay No. 01

A visit to a museum is interesting as well as educative. We can understand a lot about the history and culture of a country, its industry, arts, fashions, etc. by visiting a museum. Last Sunday, I along with some of my close friends, went to a museum in Delhi. We bought tickets and entered the museum. The bug building was divided into a number of sections. On entering the building, we saw separate sections containing many idols of Hindu gods. They looked life-like and impressive. Then we found ourselves in a hall decorated with rare pictures and paintings. We then moved to the history section. We saw certain objects belonging to various periods of history. We then went to a big room full of ancient weapons and amours, like heavy swords, lances, and shields. We saw bows, arrows, guns, spears, statues, idols, manuscripts, etc. In another section, we saw Kashmiri shawls, Amritsari shawls, Amritsari carpets, Peshawari embroidered turbans and rugs, and many other specimens from different parts of India. The art gallery impressed us the most. It had beautiful paintings of fruits, flowers, and natural landscapes. We also saw beautiful ivory works, coins and jewelry kept in showcases in another section. Then we came to a section that displayed rare manuscripts. My eyes rested on a manuscript said to belong to the Gupta period of Indian History. A gold coin coined during Vikramaditya’s reign drew attention. In this way, a visit to a museum provided us with a rich feast of ideas. It left a deep imprint on my mind.


Essay No. 02


A Visit to a Museum

Museums are the repositories of antique items. They are, in reality, great historical, anthropological, and archaeological monuments that tell us about the ancient world, how it developed over the centuries and how human beings and animals lived in the past and so many other things like ancient art, crafts, etc.

Last week, I went to visit the local branch of the national museum which is situated in the heart of my town.

I went into the section of extinct species. Prominently among them were placed the models and charts of various kinds of dinosaurs. Possibilities of the extinction of the dinosaurs were presented in charts and through diagrams.

I saw a piece of the rock that had been brought from the moon by Neil Armstrong. I also saw coins of the past dynasties. Some of them were made of gold, others of silver, and still others of copper and nickel.

I also saw several ancient household goods and utensils such as cups, plates, saucers, cauldrons, spoons, ladles, griddles, toy models of animals such as cows, buffaloes, goats, oxen, horses, cats, dogs, rats, etc.

Some clay models of birds such as parrots, sparrows, pigeons, eagles, hawks, vultures, crows, etc. were also there.

The most interesting ones were the models of human beings. Among them, there were toys of men, women, boys, girls, infants in their mother’s arms, etc. The men and women wore dresses of different fashions and kinds. All the models and toys belonged to different places and periods. It was explained by guides and the curator and was also written on several charts and explanatory sheets of paper.

As I returned home, I felt I was puffing with new knowledge.


Essay No. 03


A Visit to Museum

Our school organized a picnic yesterday. We were taken to a Natural History Museum in Delhi.

A visit to a museum imparts us knowledge about the civilization of the past. We saw swords, shields, daggers, and other weapons of war.

We also saw the dresses used by the soldiers of the olden times. We saw ancient toys, utensils, and other household goods.

We saw old coins of India. We also saw many statues, pictures, and portraits there. The statues were of gods and goddesses. They were made of bronze, marble, or copper.

There are records of the achievements made by Indian states after independence. I was very happy to see all these things.


Essay No. 04

A Visit To A Museum

A museum can be defined as a place where objects of the olden days are kept for public display.

I always wanted to visit a museum. Therefore, on the first opportunity, I went to the museum with a friend. This museum happened to be a general museum.

It was a large museum. There were many rooms in the building. The exhibits were properly arranged there. No one could miss any of the articles that were on the display. The collection of the museum consisted of different objects collected from various parts of the country and foreign lands. They represented every branch of science, arts, history, and folk arts.

There was a hall on the right side of the entrance. It housed a big collection of mammals belonging to different species. There were common mammals like the dog, cat, cow, etc., which we could recognize, and there were also many extinct animals. All those exhibits explained the evolution of life on the earth. Next to this room was the exhibition room of stuffed bird specimens. Another room enclosed the specimens of reptiles.

We then went into a large room where many beautiful rock samples were kept. We also saw ores of various metals and their finished/refined forms. It was enlightening to know so much about the earth and its wealth.

In another hall, the articles excavated from different historical sites were kept. These contained pottery, statues, bangles, picture tablets, metal instruments, and other objects that had been dug out from various archeological excavations. These objects give an insight into the culture and the way of living of the people in ancient civilizations.

Many beautiful pieces of handicrafts collected from all over the world are also kept on display in this museum. The collection is exhibited in a spacious hall on the other side of the museum. Objects from as far as Egypt, Syria, Israel, The Ivory Coast, etc. find a pride of place here.

We enjoyed our visit to the museum. It is the storehouse of information. The past once again becomes life in front of our lives. It all enhances our knowledge.

Essay No. 05

A Visit to A Museum

Last year I got a chance to visit the Kolkata Museum with my friends.

It is a very big museum. Its building has many big rooms. They were neat and clean. The exhibits were properly arranged. All the articles were clearly visible. It has many items collected from various parts of the country and even foreign lands. There were various items of science, arts, his- tory, robes weapons, etc.

On the left side of the entrance, there is a hall. It has a big collection of mammals of many types. There were dogs, cats, cows, and so many other mammals. There were many extinct mammals too. They throw light on the evolution of life in the universe. In another room, there were specimens of birds. Next to this room were housed some specimens of reptiles.

Then we went to a large room where we saw specimens of rocks. There were ores in their raw forms. It gave us a good knowledge of the earth and its wealth. Then we moved on to another hall. There were excavated articles brought from different sites. We saw potteries, picture tablets, statues, bangles, and many other objects. Many articles of similar kinds are still in use today. These objects tell us about the deep insight of the culture and the way of living of the ancient civilization.

There were many specimens of handicrafts brought from all over the world. These collections deal with a large span of time. Here we learnt the story of the development of handicrafts.

The Kolkata Museum is the storehouse of such information. We enjoyed watching it. It increased our knowledge in many ways.


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