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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Trip to the Hills” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Trip to the Hills


Every year, Botany students go on a trip to a hill station for collecting plant specimens. We were taken to Delhousie hill station this year for a trip.

As the D-day approached, we realised what a job it was to go in a journey. Packing proved to be most difficult. As a result, the questions discussed in college were not intellectual or academic but revolved around packing bags and luggage. Will it be cold over there ? Do we take `soft or hard luggage’ ? Whether the bags should possess safety chain locks or not ?

Finally, one day a crowd of students three professors and two laboratory assistants sat in the Shalimar Express bound for Pathankot. This group was dumped on the Platform of Pathankot by the express train which was four hours late. From there, we boarded a bus to dalhousie which is situated on an altitude of 8000 feet.

The bus journey was both enchanting and horrifying. On one side were the breathtaking landscapes, on the other side were deep chasms in the hills ready to create fear in our mind the moment the bus drive erred. Thankfully, our bus journey ended uneventfully and we reached our destination soon. We were put up at the youth hostel, built primarily for visiting students.

One morning, we started our first trekking experience to PanchKula 30 km. from where we were stationed. Loaded with our refreshments of scalpels, forceps, polythene bags for collecting specimens we covered the route in three hours time. The result of our sweat and pain was not beautiful but bewitching. The green terrace slopes were studded with multicoloured houses. The winding and unwinding roads sometimes lined with huge coniferous or rocky cliffs made us realise what we have lost in exchange for the comforts of science and technology.

Panch Kula is bestowed with a fresh water streams running through a series of boulders. We would pass the day by preserving the day’s, collection of various bryophytes. That night all of us slept with a dream of what tomorrow might bring for us.

Khajiar, to put mildly is a picnic spot or more aptly a paradise, it is a vast area of plains with a lake in the water. Guarding the paradise are hill ranges which change from light green to a deeper shade.

It was on PanchKula top a virgin forest now declared as a sanctuary.It is such a thick forest, that from the top it looks like a black patch only, hence the name. This thick forest is the abode to many animals particularly bears, though we did not have the privilege of meeting one. Through the small windows in the blanket of trees, we could see some peeping at us.

But this trip couldn’t end without an adventure. We were separated from the other groups and after a half an hour of search met them again. We ended up the trip with a last visit to Gandhi Chowk, where we bought the specialty of Himachal Pradesh— Pickles, Woolens and of course, Shawls.

We bid a tearful goodbye to dalhousie, the dream land, which we still live in even after reaching Delhi.


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