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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Scene In Front Of A Cinema Hall” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Scene In Front Of A Cinema Hall

Essay No. 01

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A scene in front of a cinema hall is quite interesting. Cinema continues to attract people even in these days of television and DVD players. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in front of the cinema hall before the start of the movie. Film fans go to see the first show on the very first day a particular movie is screened at a theatre. One enjoys a film on the T.V. set all right but seeing a film in a theatre is all the more enjoyable. Young boys are girls in colorful clothes visit the cinema house in a holiday mood. When a new film is released, there is a great rush of film lovers before the portals of the cinema house. The walls of the cinema house are found littered with cine posters. The cinema house itself is tastefully decorated with multi-colored flags, posters, and paintings. Before the film starts, the film fans look at the advertisements of the latest films. The whole atmosphere in and around the cinema hall is charged with joy and excitement. The stalls attract a great rush. Hawkers, crying at the top of their voice, try to sell their wares. Pickpockets and eve-teasers try to create trouble for the cinema authorities. The policemen on duty try to control the situation every time there is trouble. Outside the cinema hall, rickshaws, bicycles and motor cars can be seen in a large number. As the cinema bell goes, the film fans rush in. All the glamour walks in and a calm descends on the scene for about two hours.


Essay No. 02


A Scene outside a Cinema Hall

Not many people go to the cinema hall these days. It is because they see so many pictures at various TV channels in their homes.

Still, some people, particularly those belonging to the lower strata of society go to see pictures in the cinema halls. Some people go there to have a life-size sight of men and women. Last Sunday, I went to see the picture “Lagaan” at the local cinema hall, Shringar. The picture was to start at 3.00 p.m. I reached there at 2.30 p.m.

I found separate queues for the box, balcony, and hall. I stood in the queue for the balcony. It was a long queue. A policeman was there to control the people and to ensure that tickets were not sold in black.

Some persons sometimes tried to break the queue or clandestinely sneak to the front to buy the ticket, but they were pushed back by others and most conspicuously by the policeman.

As my turn came, I bought the ticket. Soon the “House full” plate was displayed at the window.

I began to look here and there as a few minutes were still there for the picture to start. I saw some people eating popcorns. Others were having snacks with tea.

I had a look at the pictures of various scenes from the film. Soon, the bell rang and I went in to occupy my seat on the balcony.


Essay No. 03


A Scene In Front of A Cinema Hall

These days movies have become a great source of attraction for young boys and girls. They are rather crazy about films and film stars. They know more about these film stars than about their great men of the past and the present. They can do without their meals, but they cannot forego the latest movie. A cinema house attracts more people than a temple does. Young boys and girls, in particular, are mad after pictures.

There is a lot of hustle and bustle in front of a cinema hall. On one side there is a thick crowd standing in a queue pushing and elbowing one another. On the other side, rich persons in the best clothes stand near the booking window where there is a heavy rush. Various types of people besiege the cinema house and are very anxious to go inside. Gatekeepers stand at every gate to check tickets. The sound of the horse never ceases. Rich people pour in with cars and scooters and middle-class people in rickshaws or on cycles. The riff-raff comes on foot and shout, clap and hiss. Policemen move to and fro to control the traffic.

It is seen in front of a cinema hall that till the last minute people continue rushing in. Some go in and occupy their seats and others stand in the open and indulge in gossips. It appears from their faces that they have more knowledge of human nature than does a full day in a library. A cinema hall is a human museum or a fair of human faces with different dresses and belonging to different walks of life. The scene is so busy, tempting, and exciting that none feels bored there.

A few persons manage to get a large number of tickets and sell them at high prices. There is none to check this black marketing even in cinema houses. The great rush of people offers a good opportunity for the pick-pockets. Even the eve-teasers have a busy time. Sometimes a few eve-teasers receive a sound beating from the people.


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