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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Nurse” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Nurse

Essay No. 01

In her white robes, a nurse looks angelic. She performs her duty with missionary zeal. Her services to the society are indispensable. She looks after the ailing and the injured patients smilingly. Her winsome smile alleviates their suffering. It will not be a high talk to say that her profession is one of the noblest professions. People lovingly call her ‘sister’. She is a sister who assists one and all and never grumbles or frowns. After the doctor, all hopes of the patients are pinned on her.

Her duty is tough. Rest and comfort are the words missing in her life dictionary. She does everything for the patients. She remains vigilant to see that the patients may not feel uneasiness in any way. She helps the doctor examine the patients. Like a shadow, she follows the doctor. She keeps the chart hanging down the bed of a patient up-to-date. This helps the doctor to know it the medicines prescribed are showing their good results or not. This way she assists the doctor to be successful in his mission of curing a patient. We can rightly and safely say that a doctor is lame without the help of a nurse. A doctor alone can do nothing and he needs the crutches of a nurse. Their harmonious combo is all essential for a patient to recoup soon.

The nurse’s own life is very hard. She has to work in shifts. If it is night duty she has to keep awake. If the patient is sleeping comfortably she has no business sleeping or taking a nap. She remains vigilant. If the patient is crying out of the pain she can’t think of any rest.

Her devotion to her work is simply praiseworthy. She is not compensated in proportion to her responsibilities. The relatives of a patient who has recovered do give her tips and gifts. Tips or no tips, she performs her duty with single-minded devotion. Hats off to her! She deserves better pay and better perks.

Essay No. 02

A Nurse

A nurse wears white shirt, skirt, socks and a cap on her head. She is always neat and clean. She looks after her patients.

She works hard. She helps doctors in the operation theatre and in the hospital wards. Thus she helps both the doctors and the patients. Most of the nurses are from South India.

She looks after the patient’s condition. She makes a chart of the medicines prescribed by the concerned doctor. She keeps their beds, gives them medicines and prepares their medical reports for proper check-ups by the doctor.

She is true to a picture of hard and selfless work. She always smiles at her patients. She treats them like a loving mother. She has to work in shifts. Sometimes she works in the day and at other times at night. She is always alert and awake. Doctor depends on her very much. The treatment of patients wholly depends on her. She has to keep awake through the night. She never becomes angry even if her patient is non-cooperative or rude to her. She sacrifices her joys and comforts for the sake of her patient’s treatment.

She is a true picture of maternity or motherhood. She plays a very important role for the society. It is her loving care that helps patients speedy recoveries from serious diseases, hurts or operations. She is respected in the society for her sacrificing work.


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