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Essay, Paragraph, Article on “Once again it’s 2G in 4G era” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Once again it’s 2G in 4G era


The year 2008 is remembered as the scam year in the history of Indian politics. The most pernicious of them all was 2G spectrum scam. It was rated to be the biggest scams ever happened in our country. This Scam not only tarnished the image of DMK but proved to be a mud-slinging on UPA led by Manmohan Singh of Congress.


Several political bigwigs like A Raja and DMK supremo Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi, along with numerous other business conglomerates were trapped in this Scam. It initiated the decline of UPA government and its repercussions made people believe that UPA government under Manmohan Singh was altogether a

monster indulged in corruption. Public outrage and resentment over these scandles proved lethal for each and every person named and framed in this case.


It won’t be able exaggeration if we assume that this 2G scam including some other swindles paved the way for BJP in 2014 general elections. BJP successfuly encashed public emotions and earned itself a spectacular victory.


Almost after 9 years, a special CBI court announced its verdict on this scam on 21, December, 2017 and aquitted every accused from all the charges framed against them. The special judge O P Saini said in his judgement that, ” For 7 years, I religiously sat in open court waiting for someone with some legally admissible evidence in his possession, but all in vain.”


He further pronounced that, ” There is no material on record to show Raja was mother lode of conspiracy in the instant case. Nobody believed DoT and huge scam was seen by everyone where there was none.” An ex cop turned judge openly held that the 2G spectrum scam of 2008 was “conjectured” by some people and CBI has pathetically failed to show any evidence or proof against anyone.


Political uproar disseminated across our country. Leaders belonging to different political parties expressed their sentiments on social media immediately. Where Congress welcomed the decision overwhelmingly, BJP rejected it saying the verdict is in contrast with the Supreme Court’s decision in 2012 where it had cancelled 122 2G spectrum licences alloted deceitfuly during that period of time.


The, then PM, Manmohan Singh conveyed his happiness over the special Court’s decision. Moreover, he termed this scandle as a premeditated plan which, he alleged, was choreographed to defame his government and his tenure.


Although, CBI in its official statement stated that it would challenge the verdict in Delhi High Court, but one thing has been quite apparent in its desperation that the central agency has failed on several fronts, not only in this case but some other high profile cases as well, as in Nupur Talwar murder case, where Allahabad High Court recently aquitted the doctor couple from all the charges framed by CBI and even remarked that the investigating agency had planted the evidence in the case. While hearing another such case the Supreme Court had uttered the most severe comment ever on CBI and called it a “caged parrot”.


Well, no need to mention that steps should and must be taken to revitalize this prime investigative agency and usher in new and dynamic changes wherever required. Otherwise the faith that a common man has on CBI will vanish.


However, it is very difficult to guess whether this respite for these indicted politicians will remain for long or not but one aspect will certainly have a far reaching impact on Indian political scenario that BJP will have to explore new weapons to target Congress in upcoming elections whereas Congress now has some sort of shield to protect itself from the shots of allegations.





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