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Essay, Paragraph, Article on “Let’s not have a ban for men” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Let’s not have a ban for men


A Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk had said, ” Art, Freedom and Creativity will change society faster than politics.”, while replying to a question on freedom and development.

I remember one of my classmates during my secondary schooling. He was quite a brilliant student. He used to stood first in every examination. He was well versed in all the subjects but his favourite subject was science.


Everything was going well until the science teacher got transferred and we got a brand new female science teacher. One day the new teacher was explaining a chapter on human reproductive system, she hastily summed it up. None of the students understood anything and with hopeful eyes I looked at my gem. But, to my agony, he, too, was blank faced. I asked him if he can explain me the chapter later on, he told me that he himself didn’t wholly understood the chapter.


When the period was over, after so much contemplation, he confessed that he had managed to figure out that the chapter was meant to be something vulgar and inappropriate and the teacher wasn’t comfortable teaching it that’s why she didn’t manifest everything properly.


I was shocked to hear such miserable words from his mouth that time but now being grown up I can clearly make out why that chapter wasn’t being taught openly. What was wrong with that chapter? A chapter which was purported to be taught in a secondary classroom, wasn’t even competible with the mindset of a mature school teacher.


Our society, since ages, has demarcated things on the basis of right and wrong. Things that are considered socially taboo, weren’t allowed to be spoken let alone doing it. Teachers who are entitled to change society’s rigid mindset and elighten young minds, themselves feel uncomfortable crossing the old archaic parameters.


Corroborating this ideology further, Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry sent an advisory to all the channels invoking Rule 79(7), 7(8) of the Cable Television Network Rules 1994. Citing Rule 7(8), which states that “indecent, vulgar, suggestive, repulsive or offensive themes or treatment shall be avoided in all advertisements”, the ministry asked channels not to telecast condom ads during peak hours.


According to them condom ads shouldn’t be aired from 6am to 10pm, because these commercials are indecent and inappropriate for the children who watch television during these hours. They feel it would harm the innocent minds, degrade their mentality, and incite sexual arousals.


By dictating this ban on condom advertisements, central government has once again ignored the larger public good in the name of social cleansing.


A PIL has already been filled against this order by an NGO in Rajasthan High Court and the division bench of Chief Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice D C Somani has issued notices to the Union government, Director, ministry of information and broadcasting, and secretary, medical and health department, seeking their response on condom ad curbs on television.


This ambiguous approach is almost impossible to understand. On one hand the government supports family planning and birth control, it promulgates use of safety measures like condoms against AIDS and other STDs, and on the other hand it finds condom advertisements vulgar and titillating and puts restrictions on its public exhibition.


A country like India where sex education is extremely limited and rare, a country where millions are suffering from HIV infection and other related diseases, a country where sex isn’t deemed as a physiological need but as a social taboo, prohibition on such things will further deteriorate the situation.


There are other means and methods to make these advertisements suitable for viewing by children. Manufacturers can be asked to tone down the titillation factor a little bit from their ads or even better, parents should take responsibility and handle such commercials in proper ways, they must learn to teach their kids about such things. In this era of technological advancements, restraining or managing what a child watchs is next to impossible. The more we try to cease aforesaid things, the more these will create hype and curiosity among kids. So, it would be far better if they get such sensitive but equally important information from their own parents. After all, well begun is half done!





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