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Essay on “Your visit to a holy place of Pilgrimage” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay No. 01


Your visit to a holy place of Pilgrimage

India is a land of holy places and there is no dearth of Pilgrims in this country. Our biggest centers of pilgrimage are Badri Nath, Puri, Rameshwaram, and Allahabad on the occasion of Kumbh, Hardwar, Kurukshetra and Garhmukteshwar. Perhaps the largest number of people gathers at Allahabad and Garhmukgteshwar. I also visited Garhmukteshwar on Kartik Purnima and had an experience of this fair suggested that we should leave by the evening train, reach the holy place in the early hours of the morning and take our bar in the holy river. It was more with the feelings of adventure than religious devotion that we left for our destination.

There was a very heavy rush in the train. The compartments were full of suffocation. Somehow, we were able to get a few inches of accommodation to stand. I do not want to say anything about the difficulties of the way since a pilgrim is not supposed to make an account of all these things.

We reached the bank of the holy river early in the morning. There was a great rush of people on both banks of the river. A large number of police men and volunteers were standing on duty to keep a watch, as pick pockets are busy in their work on an occasion like this. Water was deep at the bank. So ropes had been hung on wooden poles for the facility of bathers. Some boats were standing ready for help in case of trouble. The more religious minded thought that they were making their way to heaven clear by taking a dip in the holy water. Somebody said, :Holy Ganga, wash off my sins” Somebody said, Victory to thee, Holy mother” All sorts of poetic compliments were being paid to the holy river for her being capable of removing people’s difficulties.

The flower sellers, sweet sellers, sandal paste sellers, barbers, oil and comb keepers, pundits and priests were al having the best of time. There was no difference of men and women’s All was taking their bath together. Young ladies were helping the older ones in their bath in order to have their blessings. The bath of the river was very refreshing indeed, but its pleasure was going to decrease, because water was turning more and more muddy, to decrease, because water was turning more and more muddy or tin with holy water to take home.

After taking our bath, we went round the fair. The fair was spread over a very vast area. Tents of cloth and mattresses had been set up by people for their lodging. The whole fair was divided into eight sections. The bazaar consisted of newly made shops and the prices of things were very high. Here and there we heard that somebody’s child was lost her way or somebody’s pocked was picked. At last we took a bus for Delhi and left with the words, “Jai Ganga on our lips.


Essay No. 02


A Visit to a Shrine

My grandmother is a very religious lady. She goes to the temple daily. It is situated only at a little distance from our house. Last Sunday, I went to the temple with my grandmother.

It was early in the morning. As the temple building came, I bowed before it. We went in. I again bowed before the sanctum sanctorum.

We climbed the stairs and went up to the place where the images were placed. There I saw a priest in ochre. He seemed to be a very kind, compassionate fellow. He was uttering hymns with great devotion.

Grandmother made offerings to the gods. We bowed before the images. The priest gave us `prasad’ and `charanamrit.’ We had some rounds of the images. Then we sat in a corner of the temple. Grandmother read some hymns which I listened with great devotion.

What I liked most was the calm and quiet atmosphere in the temple It soothed my nerves greatly.

Meanwhile, the sun was rising in the east. Mother came out and offered ‘jar (pure water) to the sun. We again put on our shoes which we had taken off before entering the temple.

As I returned home, I felt I had gained a lot of spiritual peace and knowledge.



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