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Essay on “Work is worship” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

We Live in Deeds, Not in Years


Life is Action, Not contemplation


One Crowded Hour of Glorious life is worth an age without a name

Work is worship


The Dignity of Labour


The Fruits of Labour are Sweeter than the Gifts of Fortune


  Life is a struggle; one must fight eh battle of life valiantly. Everybody who takes birth has to die one day.  Therefore, one should make the best of life.  Time at our disposal is very short.  We must make the best use of every minute given to us by God.  Life consists of action, not contemptation.  Those who do not act, but go on hesitating and postponing things, achieve nothing in life.  Such persons as go on thinking  and brooding can never attain the heights of glory.

                A short life full of action is much better than a long life of inactivity and indolence.  Tennyson has rightly remarked that one crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.  A man lives in deeds, not in years.  Age or longevity does not matter.  What matters is what one makes of life.  Ben Josnon, the scholar-poet writes:

                “It is not growing big in bulk like a tree

                 Doth make man better be.”


                An oak tree lives for three hundred years but it falls down as a dry, bald and useless log of wood. In contrast, a lily flowers lives only for a day but it spreads its sweet fragrance all around and is a source of joy and pleasure for all.  A good life is a life lived for the good of others.  It is a selfless life of service and dedication.

                Life is an action.  Contemplation is not bad but it is useless if it is not transformed  into action.  Noble thoughts are of no use if they are not transformed into golden deeds.  Life is not an idle dream.  Every beat of our heart is taking us nearer to our death.  We must not lose any time in crying over the past or worrying about the present.  H.W. Longfellow writes in his ‘Pslam of Life’:


                Trust no future, however pleasant;

                Let the dead past bury its dead,

                Act, act in the living present

                Heart within, and God overhead.”

                Man is an image of God.  He has not been sent to this world just to eat, live and sleep.  A brute or a beast does the same.  Man must establish his divinity by noble deeds.  Nobility lies in doing one’s duty with a spirit of true service to God and a dedication to His will.  One must do one’s best to leave this world better than what he found it.  One must make some positive contribution to this world during one’s life time.  A man who does nothing is forgotten as soon as he dies.  He leaves this world unsung, unhonoured and unwept. What makes a man immortal are his actions and deeds.

                Some of the great men who have become immortal, died very young.  Keats when he was 26; Alexander the Great, died when he was about 33; Byron died when he was 36; Shelley died at the age of 33.  Nepoleon, Swami Vivekanand and Shankaracharya – all died young.  But all these persons immortalized their names by their noble deeds and great achievements.  One, therefore, lives in deeds not in years.  Life is real and earnest.  We must take it seriously.  Real salvation lies in work.  Work alone is real worship.


                Longfellow was perfectly right when he wrote:

                The heights by great men reached and kept.

                Were not attained by sudden flight,

                But they while their companions slept,

                Were toiling upward in the night.”


Work is Worship

Work is necessary to keep the world moving. Work is the chief activity of man in his life. It is not only a means of livelihood but also a kind of worship. God loves those who work hard. He can’t be found within the four walls of a temple. He can’t be pleased simply by reciting mantras and sounding bells. It is useless to tell beads and take dips in holy tanks. He can be realized in the open. He is found with those who break stones on the roads or toil in the fields. God has given man hands to work. He wants him to use his hands. His grace is not for the idlers; God Himself does not sit idle. He is always busy in creation. He expects us also to work. It is only through honest work that man can achieve spiritual glory. An idle man’s brain is a devil’s worship. Fruitless and futile work has no value. Only meaningful work leads to progress. Life without work is purposeless. Only work adds charm and gives direction to life.


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