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Essay on “Wonders of Science” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Wonders of Science

Essay No. 01

This is an age of science. Science has completely changed the entire world. Science has made our life more comfortable and trouble-free.

Science is useful to us. The blessings of Science are too many to count. Science has conquered time and distance. Electricity is another wonderful gift of science.

Electricity, one of its offshoots, is used in washing clothes, cooking food and in entertaining us. Its uses are unlimited.

It lights our houses, shops, showrooms and streets. It runs our air-conditioners and air coolers: It keeps us warm in winter and cools in summer.

Mobile, television, radio, aeroplane etc. are some of these. It has increased our speed of work and has given us fast-moving means of transport.

Travelling is now so safe and fast. We have cars, buses, metro-rails, trains, ships and aeroplanes. Man can walk and talk any corner of the world.

In the fields of education, entertainment and agriculture have proved a great blessing. The worst fact of science is seen in the wars.

Science is a boon and is in the service of man if used in the right manner.


Essay No. 02


The Wonders of Science

Outline: Past and present achievements – comforts and pleasures – electricity, means of travel the conquest of diseases- new lease of life—transplants.

Science has changed the face of the world. It has also revolutionized the life of man. Man can now live a longer and more comfortable life because of the progress of science. Man has conquered Nature with the help of science.

The wonders of Science have contributed to the comforts and pleasures of man. Man can be comfortable, anywhere on the surface of the earth. Air- -conditioning can keep him cool at the Equator. Central heating makes it possible for him to keep warm at the Poles. He has become independent of the climate. Labour- saving gadgets have lightened the burden of housework for the housewife. Science has also added to our pleasure. We can turn on the radio or TV and entertain ourselves at home. If we wish for outdoor entertainment, we can go and see a film or do a variety of other things.

Electricity is one of the wonders of Science. Without it, we would not have had electric lights, fans, refrigerators and all the labour-saving devices in the home. We also have wonderful means of travel. Cars and buses are very common. Electric trains carry us across the land with great speed. Jet planes go like a flash across the sky. In no time, we can be on another continent. Thus speedy travel is possible only on account of the wonders of science. Electricity also enables us to use elevators and escalators that save us the trouble of going up and down a flight of stairs.

Science has also provided us with spectacles and contact lenses artificial limbs, fountain pens, type-writers and mechanical brains or computers, aren’t all these the wonders of science?

 It is a wonder that science has conquered deadly diseases, made man healthier and lengthened the span of human life. There is now a cure for practically every fatal disease that used to take a heavy toll on human life in the past. Not only this still more wonderful is the fact that worn out organs like the human heart and kidneys can be replaced by transplants. In the future, perhaps, scientists might be able to make man live forever.

With the help of science, man has even reached the moon. Soon he will be visiting other planets too. There is no limit to the wonders of science. Scientists are coming out with new inventions and wonders every now and then.

The atom bomb and nuclear weapons are also wonders of science. As these can cause much destruction, it would be better for men to make constructive use of the wonders of science. Then only will they add to the happiness and prosperity of mankind?

Essay No. 03

The Wonders of Science

Many scientific facts are seen as simple marvels by the common man. Lightning, thunder, fire, volcanoes, tides, flying birds and various other natural objects are still considered as wonders by a vast majority of the population

As more and more people come to understand the mystery behind these natural phenomena, they search for other avenues to marvel at. The absence of new natural acts and the increase in the number of manmade inventions has opened new avenues of scientific investigations.

Electricity, aeroplanes, motor cars, high-rise buildings, bridges. Undersea tunnels, dams, computers, satellites, space stations, televisions, radio sets, compact disc players, laser technology and many other inventions and advancements are considered as marvels of the twenty-first century.

Each of these inventions in its own manner has revolutionized human existence. Electricity has speeded up many processes and has given birth to many labour-saving devices. Aeroplanes and motor cars have transformed the transport sector. It now takes hours and not days to reach from one place to another. High rise buildings, tunnels and bridges have solved the problem of accommodation and increasing traffic. Dams are now made with increasingly sophisticated technology. They are thus much stronger and multipurpose. Computers, satellites, space stations etc. have improved communications and data processing. They have also improved the information systems of the globe. Similar are the effects of radio, television. CD-players, etc. they have brought entertainment to our homes. They have thus helped in increasing the knowledge level of the people in general.

The wonders of science have also improved medical and scientific evaluation. Improved machines like CAT scans, particle accelerators, electron microscope, enzyme analyzers and lasers have opened new doors in the investigative paths of scientists and medical practitioners.

In all, we can say that more than the marvels of nature, it is the marvels created by human beings in its search for greater truths that attract attention and awe.


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