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Essay on “Wisdom Speaks in Silence” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Wisdom Speaks in Silence

What you learn is of interest of your teacher and what you know is of interest to yourself, but the knowledge you put to use is of interest to all mankind. Knowledge unharnessed is but idle vanity and an affront to the Gods.”

Take for example, the word, silence. Silence means the absolute stopping of all thought processes in our wakeful state. Nature, as we all know, stills the mind to sense impressions periodically by our need of sleep. Small wonder why sleep is so vital to our well-being. Meditation is one of the most primal, major steps in attaining silence. It provides us with the energy to turn our mind inwards all upon self and hold it as still as a calm lake. Yes, when you begin, there will be difficulties. This should not pose to be a problem, the same—so long as we have patience. If only we cultivate the art of silence, we will overcome their ‘hold’ on our mind.

The best way to meditate is to mediate upon the all—pervading sea of Universal Mind—the great ocean of constantly operating wisdom that is all ours. It is also something we can call upon at will, able and ready to solve our every physical problem. The next step is visualization. We should visualize a force at work, and realize that all this energy in existence is cooperative, helpful and ready to assist us. To achieve this state is not too easy. But, it is within our grasp, provided we are truthful to and, understand—the laws of the cosmos. There’s yet another trick the Absolute transmits creative vibrations from the cosmic ray to sunlight. It is an entity that exists in and between every cell of our body and brain. It also conveys the vibrations of our thoughts. Which brings us to the most conclusive, and the most important, step. We should meditate upon the fact that the laws of the Absolute always work the same way—that they are quite automatic, invariable, and were put into force for us to attain our fullest expression of perfection.

The idea as such also tells us a unique story: we have often misinterpreted our unclear yearnings and feelings and tried to satisfy them by seeking material and sensual diversions. So, what’s the supposition? Always remember that we are a spiritual being, and that we own the various stages of our mind, in the same way that a plumber owns his tools. In other words, we should meditate upon the fact that we inherit the creative ability of the Divine Creator’ and that the blossoming of this ability will settle our every problem It cannot, after all, bloom in the parched land of fear and discord’ Why? Because, it requires the fruitfulness of a very contented’ positive expression.

The most ideal methodology, therefore, is not a search, but the quest to be ourself: to allow our sense of being to gel with the flow. Which, in more ways than one, is also the best possible path to exploit knowledge. Yet, it may not be complete if we don’t read and reread until the intellectual acceptance of the first reading is replaced by an inner certainty of knowing. Beyond that, it will be useful, all the same–no more, no less–albeit not all-encompassing. But, it will be more than useful in our lives and career growth–to the extent possible. As Madhya, philosopher par excellence and supreme supporter of the Dvaita school of Vedanta, observed: “Knowledge is relative; it is never absolute.” But, don’t you worry. Notwithstanding the smorgasbord, or a variety of options available in front of you, the best avenue is always open to you. It is also within you. All you would need to do is—channel the relative into an absolute within the framework of possibility. On the lines of what is called as Possibility-Thinking. This is more than something that works for our good and society’s good.

The consequence is obvious. Wisdom, to verbalize a metaphor, speaks only in silence, with stillness being its simple agenda- clear in thought and profound in its construction. It is also something that is more than tailor-made for the confused times we live in today.


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