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Essay on “Welfare State” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Welfare State

Today the State is the virtual guardian and patron of its citizens. It has become the duty of the State to bridge as far as possible the gulf which exists between the rich and the poor. For we must understand that the Welfare State is the outcome of the socialistic ideology.

Today the Welfare State discharges many of the functions which formerly were the responsibilities of an individual. It undertakes big projects and incurs huge expenditure for improving nation’s agriculture, industry and economy. In our country scores of multipurpose projects are underway, with an irrigation, to removing poverty, backwardness and unemployment. Railways, Irrigation, industry, education, health and every conceivable aspect of nation’s life is receiving attention.

Now the question arises, if the State does everything, what are the duties of an individual in the State ? Shall we say that the citizen has just to sit and enjoy the fruits of the labour of the State ? We should understand that State is a mere abstraction without taking into consideration the individuals who compose it. It is a government based on the principles of democracy, formed and run by the representatives of the people. The State has enough power because the citizens curtail their own liberty and rights for the common good. Hence, in the last analysis, the final responsibility of making the State a success rests on the individual citizens.

The first and the foremost duty of a citizen in a Welfare State is to have a broad outlook. A citizen must restrict his self-consciousness and self-interest to the minimum. Without affecting his personality, he has to identify his interest with those of his fellow citizens. He must believe that the good of the individual lies in the good of the society as a whole. He should also understand that this can be achieved through the agency of the State.

In a Welfare State no individual or group of individuals can be allowed to pursue selfish ends. For instance, business magnates and industrialists cannot run their own factories purely from the profit point of view. They will have to submit to some sort of nationalisation either complete or partial. The State should judge the requirements of the nation. Hence, it shall regulate production.

 In a Welfare State the incidence of taxation is usually very high, particularly in the case of the higher income group of people. A true citizen would not grudge to pay these taxes, for HQ knows that the State takes with one hand and gives with the other. An individual thus will not have a fat personal bank balance, but he will have the amenities from the State, which otherwise he would have to procure through his personal funds.

Closely associated with it is the need to extend one’s wholehearted co-operation in all the schemes which are launched by the State. For more than money is the individual’s willingness to work for the success of the projects and development schemes. The individual must contribute the labour of his body and mind. When a new road is made or river spanned with a bridge or dam constructed or a village equipped with drains, it is all and sundry who benefit from them. It is the triumph of cooperative work.

Mass co-operation and harmony are the bedrocks of a Welfare State. An individual forms the bulwark, the mainstay of the State. Government efficiency can never be enough without the wholehearted response of the people. Hence, selfishness, dishonesty, corruption and evil practices must be given up for the larger interest of the nation. We must give up the practice of feathering our own nest. In this way we put a spanner into the smooth-moving wheels of the State. People, who indulge in corrupt practices, are the criminals and must be severely dealt with. It is not pure altruism, for what is good for the community is good for the individual as well.


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