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Essay on “We Must Nurture  Scientific Temper in Our Society ” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

We Must Nurture  Scientific Temper in Our Society 

The long history of India is characterized by cycles of achievements and failure. But the ugly fact is that large sections of our society are still engrossed in the darkness of superstitious beliefs and customs. It is highly pertinent that we realize the importance of nurturing our scientific temper if we are to regain our glorified status as in the ancient world, where the world looked towards us for knowledge and inspiration. While the people of west defined and practiced science as the methodical study about anything and everything, we in India had reached a deformed notion where we often think about it as pertaining to something complete something very perfect. In the very beginning this was not the case, and people used to reason and discover at will, but the wrong notion had crept in somewhere in our progress as a nation. Those who worked behind this deformation had the obvious intentions of monopolizing it because they knew that quest of knowledge will give them power. As a result of this deformed definition, while science became a popular quest in the West, we started imposing restrictions on learning science. The penchant and motivation to study anything methodically will always provide us with new discoveries and inventions. Arid these new inventions will always lead to adding up of wealth and development for the society. The striking fact that in the last few years almost all inventions and discoveries originated from the west emphasizes the importance of scientific method in growth of a Society. The recent time-period clearly shows the tremendous advantage in promoting science as a quest of knowledge rather than the knowledge itself. The method of science as applied to the study of different disciplines and researches have led to a tremendous growth in inventions and discoveries. While the West flourished in terms of material achievements, it became very difficult to survive in the East. When the scientific temper and methodology flourished in our society as in the Ancient India it had made immense strides in science and it had a society full of wealth and happiness. But then it became a sad story of missed opportunities for millions of our scientific talent just because of the twisted definition.

One thing good about science as a quest for knowledge is that it keeps our minds always open to truth. Science can never be absolute and stationary because it unravels the truth in stages so it is in constant progress and has to be followed continuously. A true scientist should always be open to ideas and if logic. Even the concept of God must be acceptable if evidences are available. There is a popular but wrong notion that scientists must be atheists. This cannot be true as a true scientist never shuts his mind to a concept nor he approaches any subject with prejudice. We can see that science and religion are two parallel lines in our day-to- day lives but they do converge at the spiritual plane. All scientific pursuits will invariably lead to the philosophical realm at their highest levels. Those of us who cannot see beyond the ordinary aspects of life do not succeed to recognize the fact that Science and God are not always anathema to each other. Almost all the great scientists have been spiritual at the height of their success and almost all saints have been truly scientific in their approach. The fight is always been between the run-of-the mill personalities led by the half-learned midgets on either side for their own selfish ends.

Religion is an integral part of Indian life and there is no way the two can be separated. Future of India as a modern progressive nation lies solely on how our religions and science can work  together on a practical mundane level. What is required now is to strengthen it by popularizing a new way of life which combines the best of religion and science.

Our approach to matters like astrology, avatars and miracles must be with an open mind. Seeking the truth in anything must become a natural part of our lives. Healthy debates must be encouraged and people who ask questions must be listened to. Visiting places of worship to repeat our subordination to a higher power and paying respects in one’s own simple way must become an integral part of our lives. Even if there is no God, the practice will definitely help in taming our egos and gelling with others in our society. There should be restrictions against accumulation of temple wealth beyond genuine requirements and excess wealth must be used for providing basic necessities for the needy and promoting the quest for knowledge among the people who visit the temple. Summing up we need to encourage ourselves not only to approach the matters of life with scientific temper but even pray to God with the same passion.


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