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Essay on “Visit to a Circus” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Visit to a Circus

Apollo circus came to our city last month. The owner of the circus put up a huge tent in the stadium, close to the city centre. One evening, my friend took me to the circus. He bought two tickets at the ticket counter and we went in.

The circus tent was brilliantly illuminated with electric lights.  A band was playing outside to attract visitors. Seats were arranged in a huge circle round an open space. There was a big crowd of men, women and children who had come to see the show. The bell rang exactly at 7 p.m. and the show began with a dance by young girls. The band played all the time. Then came three girls whose athletic feats excited the wonder of all the visitors. They twisted their bodies at all angles and in all directions, putting their head through the legs and bending the back.

Next came in four gymnasts, who showed wonderful fiats on horizontal bars.  They jumped from one bar to another with great swiftness and swung around the bars very skillfully. Sometimes they shot straight from the first to the sixth bar.  Then came in the acrobats and rope-dancers. A young man kept his balance on the rope while dancing high up in the air. He was followed by a thing lady. With an umbrella in her hand she walked from one end of the rope to the other. All the time a clown with a painted face was cracking jokes. He was so funny that everyone roared with laughter.

Next came in six horses. Six men clad in bright uniforms rode on their backs. The band played a dance tune. The horses started galloping round in time to the music of the band. As they galloped, the riders jumped from one horse to another and turned somersaults in the air. Then the riders stood up on the horses and the latter started galloping in a circle again. It was indeed wonderful and evoked a great applause.

Then three elephants were brought in they performed funny tricks. They rolled a leg of wool forward and backward. They then stood up on their hind legs and danced. After that, one of them sat on a tub and read a newspaper.

Another elephant cycled. Next came in a performing dog. It climbed a high ladder and jumped from its top into a tub of water at the bottom of the ladder. Then it drove a cart. After this it was blindfolded and asked to find out a handkerchief concerned in a hatbox. If succeeded in bringing out the handkerchief. There was loud applause as the dog left the arena.

Last of all came in the lion tamer and three lions. He had a whip in his hand. The lions obeyed all his commands. They were made to drink water from a basin from which a goat was also drinking. Then the goat was made to jump from the back of one lion to that of another. We gave loud cheers.

The show was over at 10 p.m. we were pleased with what we had seen and enjoyed the show immensely. We returned home, admiring the trained athletes and animals. We shall always have happy memories of the circus show.


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