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Essay on “Violence in Public Life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Violence in Public Life

In recent decades, particularly during the post war years, the spirit of violence has grown beyond measure. They tragedy is that all over world, with only few exceptions, violence has been in the air, both in thoughts, words and deeds. There is ethnic violence in Iran, Iraq, South Africa, Russia, Yugoslavia, Nepal, Bhutan and India. It is indeed a slur on modern society that the cult of violence has been growing even as the cult of peaceful co-existence has been losing momentum. The social, political and economic progress made by man in the 20th century has been partly neutralized by the simultaneous increase in violence and the fantastic development of the weapons having the potential to destroy the very civilization that made better life possible for everyone.

In the modern world, violence has taken many forms, each signifying the evil side of man and his design to destroy the principle of equity, justice and truth. The main manifestations of violence in recent times have been extremism, terrorism, assassination by bombs and bullets. A new dimension to the cult of violence has been added by the cult of kidnapping of innocent person and subsequent black mail. Another related activity is the hijacking of aircrafts, vehicles etc.

Violence takes a heavy toll and affects public life adversely. High or low, known or unknown, rich or poor, popular or unpopular, no one is safe or secure today. It appears that one can harm anybody at any time and at will. A mad and sad rat race is on to make money and gain power at any cost and by any means. The result is that no political party or group can now lay into claim to total innocence in so far as perpetration of violence against innocent person for personal or political gains is concerned. Violent demonstrations, rallies, hartals have become the order of the day.

Violence is growing like a malignant cancer victimizing the general masses in every nook and corner of the country. The rot has set in and the chaos has grown basically and primarily because of the corrupt and unprincipled politicians who lanker after power. They stoop to anything, paying the price for this single aim. Power by any means and wealth at any cost remain their motto. To attain this goal, they lay upon the delicate susceptibilities and emotions for the ignorant masses, orchestrating on communal, caste, class, regional, religious and linguistic sentiments. General public and innocent people are being crushed between the state violence engineered for political gains and terrorist violence perpetrated by way of retaliatory action, which is again retaliated by more brutal state terrorism. The vicious circle goes unabated. No wonder, therefore, the uprising is on the increase and police have been rendered ineffective. In fact, in certain areas, police has become a party to the cult of violence.

Unless we stop the rot now, it may be too late to save ourselves from violence. Those who sow the seeds of violence cannot get away with it all the time. They should pay for it, sooner than later. The very same violence will overtake and destroy them. The responsible citizens should join forces to give protection to themselves rather than totally depend on the police. The people should be educated and taught means of self defense. An enlightened population cannot be exploited by unscrupulous politicians. Finally economic growth with equitable distribution and justice will a long way to eradicate violence.


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