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Essay on “Vijay Operation (Kargil Conflict)” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Vijay Operation (Kargil Conflict)

India has a history of being caught by surprise. It happened in Kashmir in 1947-48 and when the Chinese occupied Aksai Chin in 1950. It happened in 1965 with Pakistan’s second attempt on Kashmir and again in 1987 when the Chinese moved in and out of Sumdurong Chu (Arunachal Pradesh). Pakistan again surprised us in Kargil. This proves that India did not learn from created blunders. Experts term this the Panipat Syndrome. “Allow the enemy to catch you on your territory, then wage war on his terms.” It is absolutely a policy showing our weakness, carelessness and negligence of all duties.

Kargil conflict was a unique military operation. It was a resounding military success with a human price tag. This kargil operation, also called operation Vijay, has exposed major chinks. In the absence of intelligence and technology, our tactics was to overwhelm the enemy with sheer number. Our casualties were over one third of the total in the 1962 China  war. And we called it just a localized conflict. Such heavy human loss was unsustainable. The only way to win in a place like Kargil was with hi-tech. the advantage the enemy enjoyed was height. It was a fight through technology. But or force could not fly at night. We needed thermal imaging, equipments to detect enemy formations and laser technology to blast them. The irony was that our army had been waging wars in the hills with low technology. This cost us much time-50 days and blood in Kargil.

An army patrol moving towards Point Bajrang on May 8, 1999 noticed some unusual movement on the hills. A second patrol was sent up next day. It became clear that there were intruders. Thus in the first week of May, first report confirming the presence of intruders in Kargil Sector was received. At first it was thought that a handful of intruders were present there to make their why into India. But later on locating it was found that it was a plan of Pakistan sending its army regular soldiers with intruders. These intruders were called freedom fighters by Pakistan.

First attempts were failed due to great number of enemy trained soldiers with high position to attack. The presence of snow and ice made climbing next to impossible. The first success was achieved when Indian troops managed to capture Post 5203 on June 21. It was here that Captain Amol Kalia made his sacrifice. After six days of fierce fighting the Indian army occupied central ridge. On July 4, our army occupied Tiger Hill. On July 9, Indian army cleared 99% of Baltik. Pakistani P.M. Nawaz Sharif was withdraw the intruders. Thus on July 15, 1999 Indian troops occupied all the dominating heights along the Line of Control.

Once Indian Air Force came into operation, it seemed that India was ready for an all- out war. This threat of a full- fledged  war with India had not been factored into Pakistani thinking. A war would have been bad for India but disastrous for Pakistan. The Mujahideen were on the Indian side and not on Pakistan side. Therefore the international community saw Pakistan as the aggressor.

Since 1972 there had been an understanding that about 70 km of difficult terrain along with the line of Control would not  be manned.f but Pakistan broke this trust. There had not been constant supervision for the last 27 years because there was a commitment that there would be no intrusions. No doubt it was also an intelligence failure to neglect the supervision totally. According to Nawaz Sharif it was a plan to make Kashmir issue an international.

If Pakistan goes unpunished , it will encourage other countries to indulge in such activities. Can Pakistan be trusted not to repeat this misadventure? India should target all known militant concentration in Pak Occupied Kashmir.


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