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Essay on “Tree Plantation Week” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes

Tree Plantation Week

Tree Plantation Week is a unique programme which can save the humanity to some extent. This becomes more necessary when we consider the importance of trees in keeping our environment clean. Cutting of trees has added much to the environmental degradation. Rainfall has either refused to oblige or has become scanty, all the institutions – private, public or governmental – have to celebrate several programmes in the rainy season for plantation to reach the needed target.

Tree supply oxygen to the atmosphere. The green leaves  produce starch- an essential part of food. The leaves help to cool the air because they breath out a lot of water vapour. So we find cooler under a tree than inside a house. Forests attract rain. Trees check flood. Trees protect the soil from being washed off. Forest soil quickly absorbs water.

Trees give us rubber which is  very useful for us. Some trees give us medicine and drinks. Tree branches give shelter to birds. The forest is necessary for wild animals. Some trees are very beautiful. They please our eyes and refresh our minds. Many like to have forest homes in the lap of Nature.

Tree play a key role in our life. They give us firewood and fruits. They provide us timber and building material. Paper is made of wood. Trees are our national wealth. We must plant more and more trees and protect them. Tees are alive as we find other living creature. They are like us in processes of eating, drinking, breathing and growing. They also feel rest, sleep, and touch. Tree plantation is not enough. We must look after every tree like our own child and nourish it like him. It is the urgency of the times that more and more trees must be planted by all.

Our school organizes “Tree Plantation Week” programme is July and August – one in each month according to rainfall. Saplings are collected from government nurseries. The students are given the responsibility of care- taker. During long vacations special arrangement is planned.

‘Grow More Tree’ campaign should be followed by every one. In this world, trees and forest preceded man. They are the greatest purifiers in this world. They are the oxygen making factories to balance the ratio of atmosphere air. Tress and forest have been the sanctuaries of animals and birds. Even many tribal live in these forests. Trees and forests are green lungs of the  world. The trees not only provide shade to animals, birds and human beings but also bring rain. To stop the degradation of environment and to maintain ecological balance, growing more tress and forestation is an urgent need of this age. Then we can easily face the problems of soil erosion, floods, droughts and pollution etc. it is a thing of tragedy of fun that man, the widest of all animals, is nearing his end to cut the trees.


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